The Ten Most Useful Apps You Should Use While Traveling


Today every traveler’s compass is undoubtedly the smartphone. So here is our selection of the ten most useful apps to make your vacation easier. All apps are available for both Android and iOS.

WiFi: never again without it!

If you’re traveling to a foreign country and don’t have a data connection, this app is the one for you. With more than 20 million free-access WiFi points worldwide, WiFi (TSDC) allows you to search the map for all the WiFi points nearest you.

Hunt for the nearest bathroom with Where is Public Toilet

When traveling, one of the thorniest topics is bathroom stops. Eliminate the problem by relying on Where is Public Toilet, an app that locates all available public restrooms closest to your location. ( In addition, the app can be supplemented with user reports, complete with the specification of toilet features.

With Waze, traffic is no longer a problem!

This app competes with Google Maps! A navigator-social that finds the least-trafficked route thanks to real-time user reports. The app calculates alternative ways to avoid traffic jams, accidents, construction, and roadblocks. Very useful if your vacation is on the road. Goodies include voice alerts of speed cameras found along the route.

Want to play online games to kill time while traveling?

While traveling, we often have to deal with long waiting times: at the airport, waiting in line to enter a museum, or checking into a hotel.

Playing online with the best gambling sites listed on Vegas Slots Online by downloading their apps might be the best option! These safe and easy-to-use platforms offer the best online slots and many other downloadable games. There are also thousands of free slots that you can play without having to download any apps on the go!

With Google Maps, every place is close!

The top of this application is the offline navigation that allows you to reach any place, even without a connection. To use the offline maps, you must first download the area of interest when you have a connection. Then, go to the top left menu, select “offline maps,” and “Select your map.”

With Google Translate, we are all polyglots

With over 100 languages available, Google’s translator continues to be one of the best apps for real-time translation. The most convenient translation function is directly from the camera and voice recording. A must for travelers! It works great even offline as long as you download the language dictionary when connected to the network.

The foreign exchange fees? Find out with Easy Currency Converter

If you need to become an ace with foreign exchange, this app comes to your rescue. Here is an intuitive, simple, and straightforward app that calculates the exchange rates of 200 different currencies and allows you to stick to your vacation budget. Very useful, especially for choosing which money exchange to rely on, so you don’t have any nasty surprises with the commission!

Moovit… And getting around the city will be easier!

Getting around the city will be a breeze. By setting your departure time, the app shows the fastest route to your destination by bus, subway, train, bike, and car. With filters, you can create a tailor-made itinerary, indicating the means of transportation you prefer or the route type. The app is updated in real-time.

Google Lens: frame what you see and learn more about it

Here we go again, back to Google, but this app is excellent. By framing monuments and works in the countries you visit, you can discover exciting multimedia content that reveals their history and curiosities without carrying a paper guidebook. Nature lovers will no longer be able to do without the “identify plants and animals” feature!

My WoWo, the audio guide that tells the wonders of the world

Want to skip the line to rent museum audio guides? Here is My WoWo, your tour guide that in 7 different languages (English, American, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, and Russian), tells the curiosities of the destination through audio files made by professionals, with a fresh, passionate and never trivial slant.

Once downloaded, you can listen to the audio guides offline as well. In addition, the app geolocates nearby points of interest. Convenient one-click purchase of activity tickets! Each city’s content costs from €4.99 to €5.99. (Of each audio, you can always listen to the first 30 seconds for free).


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