Benefits of Vitamin IV Therapy


What is vitamin therapy, and how does it benefit your body? There are various ways you can restore and improve your health and wellness, including through vitamin IV therapies. IV therapy provides the fastest way to deliver medication or fluids into your body. You can use IV therapy for various health benefits, including improving your energy, enhancing your strength, refreshing your body, and more. The vitamin IV therapy Beverly Hills specialists offer vitamin IV therapy to better your health and wellness. Here we look at how vitamin IV therapy can benefit your health.

What is vitamin IV therapy?

Vitamin IV therapy, or vitamin infusion, is a treatment method where your provider delivers nutrients into your body system. For example, iv hydration therapy ensures your body is as hydrated as it can be. The treatment involves using a needle and a catheter to directly access the bloodstream, allowing a 100% absorption of nutrients and fluids your body needs.

Taking vitamins orally and through IV therapy is different. When taken orally, it requires a lot of time before your body can absorb them, while some get lost in the digestive tract. In vitamin IV therapy, vitamins go directly into your bloodstream, making you feel better immediately. Your provider at Seraphim Beverly Hills offers various vitamin IV therapy options to help restore your health and wellness.

Which vitamin IV therapy is good for you?

During the consultation, your provider takes you through the available vitamin IV therapy options. They help you in choosing the right option for you, depending on your wellness goals. Here are the available options.

Antioxidant drip

It includes a liter of saline with various electrolytes, such as vitamin C, to hydrate your body. Antioxidant drip is equivalent to taking eight cups of water. It improves dehydration and headaches and helps you recover after exercise.

Immunity Drip

An immunity drip protects you from diseases. Your provider may recommend having an immunity drip when you first notice an illness or before you move to a contagious environment.

Founders drip

It’s a vitamin IV therapy developed by the treatment’s creator. Founders drip improves various conditions, such as asthma, fibromyalgia, or respiratory tract infections. You may go for the drip during a migraine episode or before your menstrual cycle to ease pain, among other symptoms.

Radiance glow drip

It’s a vitamin IV therapy to enhance healthy skin, hair, and nails. Radiance glow drip adds vitamins and antioxidants to your body to eliminate dryness, brittleness, and dullness.

Warrior drip

Warrior drip is beneficial for all athletes. You may get IV therapy before or following an exercise to enhance your workout, boost your recovery rate and enhance your endurance.

What happens during vitamin IV therapy?

Your provider at Seraphim Beverly Hills watches over you as you receive your IV drip in a comfortable and relaxed position. Usually, a typical vitamin IV therapy session takes around 45 minutes to an hour. You may relax, listen to music or read as you receive your IV drip through an IV line in your arm.

Vitamin IV therapy has various health benefits, including relieving pain, refreshing your body, treating dehydration, and boosting energy levels. Contact Seraphim Beverly Hills to learn more about vitamin IV therapy options.


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