4 Ways to Take Care of a Dog While you Work


As much as you want to stay home with your furry friend, you know that’s impossible. As a whole or part-time working individual, you must clock into your job and show up to work every day, leaving your pet behind. Whether you work from home, cooped up in a tiny office or need to travel an extensive distance, you will be away from your animal. While most pets understand that they may only see you for a short period, this doesn’t make it easy for them. 

Certain dogs struggle with separation anxiety, and others need a caretaker to watch over them in your absence. Generally, you can leave your dog without company for at least eight hours. But this is extremely risky for your canine’s development and may make them prone to aggression, so what can you do? Here are some valuable tips you can follow to tend to your animal while you punch in the hours:

Make Sure All Their Needs Are Met

Before preparing for work, you must allocate time to ensure your animal is cared for. This includes filling up the dog bowl, spreading toys around the house, and taking them for a quick walk. While you’re outside, encourage your dog to relieve themselves. In this manner, you get the space to clean up your dog adequately and guarantee they don’t have an accident at home because they could not go in the morning. 

However, suppose you’re in a rush and don’t want to leave your dog without ensuring they’ve answered the call of nature. In that case, you can look into the Dog Poop Company and sign up with them to help scoop up your dog’s feces. These services operate at specific hours and save you the hassle of picking up dog poop. So, by registering with this facility and checking out their schedule, you can align your morning timetable with the scooping company. As a result, you’ll be able to knock down two birds with one stone. You can take your pet out for a quick exercise and simultaneously allow them to relieve themselves, leaving no mess behind. 

Hire a Dog Watcher

Puppies and energetic breeds, like huskies, need constant vigilance. If you leave them alone for several hours a day, they may get up to numerous shenanigans and leave your house in a mess. If you work from home, keeping an eye on your dog and finishing your deadlines simultaneously is impossible. So your best bet is to hire a dog watcher and let them take over for a while. Ensure the professional you bring in has experience working with your dog breed. 

Canines can get very territorial with unfamiliar faces. Unless your dog watcher knows how to break the tension and calm your animal, they can sustain severe injuries. It will help if you brief the dog watcher on your pet’s schedule, including feeding time, playtime, and what rooms they’re allowed in. This helps keep a routine and prevents your animals from slipping into anxiety. Go for a dog watcher who is also trained in giving animals first aid and recognizing signs of distress. They know what to do if your dog suddenly falls sick, throws up, or starts panting heavily.

Install Dog Cameras

You can purchase pet cameras that allow you to keep tabs on your animal. If you work long hours and have to be away from your home, it’s best to use these devices to check up on your canine from time to time. Most pet devices have unique features that allow you to talk to your dog, monitor their activity, and detect their motion. This gives you deeper insight into your animal’s routine and confirms that they’re not in danger. 

For instance, your dog may start running around the house in your absence which may cause them to bump and hurt themselves against sharp furniture. The camera will capture your dog’s whines and transmit the footage to you, which can help you provide timely intervention. In extreme cases, if your dog manages to run out of the house or gets trapped in a room, the camera is your greatest asset in rescuing them.

Try Visiting Your Dog during the Break

Going home for lunch is an excellent way to see your dog. Likewise, if you’re working from home, step out of your office and choose to be with your canine. Your pet will welcome your company, even for a short period. For animals that feel separation anxiety when their owners are away, coming home during the day is a great way to calm them. 

Engage in stimulating activities like playing fetch with them, giving them head scratches, or a playful game of tug of war. You can also use this moment to train them and teach them more tricks, such as rolling over or standing on their hind legs. But make sure you don’t lock up your dog in a crate or push them into one room when you leave. You should only crate your pet while training them and under your supervision. Leaving your pet in a small space and not unlocking them until your home is terrible for their limbs and joints.

Final Thoughts

Part of being a dog owner is acknowledging that you’ll have to leave your animal alone for a few hours daily. It can be challenging since dogs are extraordinarily energetic and ultimately depend on you for their needs. This is why you must arrange to look after your pet for a while before heading out to work. Try waking up early and taking your dog for an early walk and a bathroom break. This will keep your animal stable and prevent them from having a mishap at home. 

Hiring a dog sitter is the way to go if you work long hours. These professionals can care for and tend to your animal as you work without causing you disturbance. Your other options include investing in a pet camera or going home around break time to be with your pet. As long as you understand that you can’t leave your pet alone for long and need to check up on them at regular intervals, you can ensure your furry friend is healthy and safe at all times. 


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