LA Dodgers

LA Dodgers


Sports bring out the best in us. It unites the people under a single banner and makes communities come closer. LA Dodgers is also a sporting phenomenon that has made modern times full of entertainment. Although there are several competitive teams out there, if you want to talk about LA Dodgers, they are standing on a completely different level.

Different sports have a different impacts on the public. From baseball to basketball and football, you will find every game to have a completely different identity. Therefore if you want to ensure that you keep up with this lovely entertainment solution, then you should get acquainted with all the details regarding the sports sector. You should pay attention to the teams performing in different local and international tournaments. In this way, you will be the one standing out in the crowd.

An introduction to the LA Dodgers

Now, most of you might have heard this name before but since you are not well acquainted then, let us introduce you. LA Dodgers is an American-based professional baseball team. The excellent record and the profile of the mind-blowing players make it the general public’s favorite in most tournaments.

The history of the LA Dodgers

The full name of the team is Los Angeles Dodgers. According to the initial facts and figures, the team was actually founded in 1883. Currently, you will find the team members practicing in the Dodgers stadium. One of the most important things you might want to learn is about the organization’s identity that owns the team. So let us tell you that Guggenheim Baseball Management is the team owner.

The important dates

If we take you through the details, then you might be shocked to know that the LA Dodgers are a crucial part of the West Division of the National League. This is from where they compete in Major League baseball. We have already learned that the team was established in the nineteenth century, or 1883, to be exact. The name LA Dodgers was coined decades after its foundation, or in 1958, to be exact.

Boys in blue

In the past, we have witnessed the team to be refereed by different titles. Some of these are mentioned below for the enhancement of your knowledge:

  • The Blue Crew
  • The Boys In Blue

This might peak your interest, that is why we are associating the blue color with the famous team. So let us tell you that Blue is the primary color of the LA Dodgers.

The first national league appearance

If you want to know the details regarding any particular phenomenon, you must look at the history. The information helps us understand that the team participated in the National League for the very first time in 1890.

The nomenclature

Since the team was founded in Brooklyn, it took the title of Brooklyn Bridegrooms. This name trended for a while but later, during 1916-1920, the team used a completely different name of Brooklyn Robins. This particular team has won 2 pennants, all thanks to the outstanding leadership of the manager Wilbert Robinson.

Adopting Dodgers

The name Dodgers was officially adopted in 1930. If we talk about the past playgrounds used by the team, we will learn that the team used to play at LA Memorial Coliseum. One of the most important details that will surely blow you off your feet is that they also won the World Series Championship in 1959.

The rivalry with New York Yankees

The game is not fun until or unless you have a worthy rival to compete with. LA Dodgers got one in the year 1940. They won the third pennant but later lost to the Yankees. This was the time when the rivalry was initiated. The fierce rivalry between the New York Yankees and the LA Dodgers is the most common knowledge among the people of the baseball world.

The result of the rivalry

During the 1940- 1950s this rivalry made huge names. If we look at the statistics, we will learn that both teams came across each other seven times in the period of their rivalry. But unfortunately, they lost the first five.

Breaking the precedents

One of the most important details that is associated with the LA Dodgers is the fact that they were the ones who broke the color code among the baseball players. In 1947 the team signed up Jackie Robinson. He happens to be the first African American player in the league since 1884. Thus we can say that LA Dodgers have been breaking precedents since the beginning.

Moving to LA and changing the destiny

The team moved to Los Angeles in 1957 from Brooklyn. The owner of the team, Walter O’Malley, made this decision. This fresh start came good for them. As a result, the team was lucky to win the World Series title only two years later in 1959. Similarly they kept on winning the title again and again in 1963 and 1965. These are not the only achievements of the team. They also kept on winning several pennants during this time.

The milestone

The achievements of any team make it recognized among the public. Thus if we talk about the LA Dodgers, then we will learn that they achieved another milestone in 1956 when Don Newcombe got the chance to become the very first player to win Cy Young Award and National League MVP award in a single season.

The winning streak

Recently the LA Dodgers have become the most famous team since they have kept the pace of the winning streak. Recently, the LA Dodgers team got their hands on the Commissioner’s Trophy and won the World Series Championship after a long wait of almost 32 years.

The valuation

One of the most important details frequently asked by the fans is regarding the financial aspects of the team. Thus the details help us understand that according to the information shared by Forbes, the team had a valuation of $4.075 billion.

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LA Dodgers is not just a team. In fact, it is the name of the winners. Also, if you want to side yourself with the winner, you should surely side with the boys in blue, and they will not disappoint you.


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