Justin Dior Combs

Justin Dior Combs


Society will only recognize you if you have the power to make an argument. Knowing about the personalities like Justin Dior Combs will help you stand out in the crowd. You might think of the personal detail as useless, but they have a huge impact on a person.

It is of the utmost importance that you learn them. This will help you in building your case in any sitting. Especially if you are in a gathering of youth, then the topic will extend to the entertainment and sports sector stars. Therefore if you know about the personalities associated with this field, you will only be able to stand out. Otherwise, you do not have any chance of making a mark in society. If you want to learn about Justin Dior Combs, this article will be a goldmine for you.

Justin Dior Combs, the star kid

Recently the name Justin Dior Combs has been getting a lot of attention. Although the youngster has his own identity of being a rising football star. But this is not how he is known among the public. Currently, he is recognized as the child of the famous American singer and best rapper of all time Sean Combs.

The controversy

Getting the scholarship

Just like all other star kids, Justin Dior Combs has also been in the limelight. Recently he has been trending on the internet. You might want to know why it is so. Therefore if we go through the available information, we will learn that the famed star recently got a scholarship at the university.

The criticism on the scholarship

It was accepting the scholarship that turned the guns of the internet critics towards him. People started criticizing that the star is a son of a millionaire and he is attending the university on a scholarship. (Stromectol) The internet mob wanted to relay that Justin Dior Combs could afford the education. He should not accept the scholarship; it would be better if he left it for a more deserving person.

The football career

Now, if we talk about the football career of the famous star kid, then we will learn that he is currently a rising star. All we know right now about his career is that he is a quarterback for Mount Vernon. Other than that, we do not have any information on our hands.

The educational portfolio

Since the controversy started with the education profile of the star kid. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that we also learn about the education received by the star in the past. Thus the available information suggests that the star has attended the famous Catholic Iona Preparatory School for early education.

Now, if we move on to the higher studies information, we will learn that he attended the University of California, Los Angeles. Currently, his status shows that he is a graduate.

The personal profile

The birth profile

Now it is time that we also take a peek into the personal life details of the famed rising star. Thus, in this case, the starting point will be none other than the birth details. If we initiate a quest from the date of birth, then we will learn that the star was born on 30th December 1993. If we start making simple calculations, then we will be able to deduce the age of the star, which is 29 years. If you are wondering about the birthplace, you will find the answer: Mont Vernon, New York.

The golden details

The date of birth has helped us understand that the zodiac sign of Justin Dior Combs is Capricorn. Moving on, we will learn that the star is an American national. Also, if we talk about the ethnicity details, then we will find him to have African American descent. The religion box shows that the star believes in Christianity.

The family information

An introduction to the parents

Now we are moving on to the information that you seek the most. Yes, we are talking about the family details of the famous Justin Dior Combs. Thus if we start with the details of the parents, then we will learn that the father’s name is Sean Combs, who happens to be a famous singer and rapper. Also, if you want to know about his mother, then her name is Misa Hylton.

An introduction to the parents

Names of siblings

Also, if we talk about the siblings of the famous rising star, then we will learn that they are 6 in number, excluding the star. Thus below, we have mentioned their names for the enhancement of your knowledge:

  • Chance Combs,
  • Christian Casey Combs,
  • Jessie James Combs,
  • Madison Brim,
  • Niko Brim,
  • Quincy

The relationship life

Since we have gone through the major details, now it is time to look at the famous star’s relationship life. At this moment, the star has marked his relationship status as unmarried. This does not mean that he is single. The past details will surely blow your mind. The star has been with several women in the past. We have mentioned the names of a few below:

  • Chantel Jeffries
  • Paige Hurd
  • India Westbrook

The physical profile

Also, now it is time to take a deep look at the physical profile of the star in question. Thus if we go through the available details, then we will learn that the star has a height mark of 5 feet and 7 inches. We can also express these figures as 172 cm. Now moving on to the next section, we will learn that the body weight of Justin Dior Combs is marked as 77 Kg. Also, with dark brown eyes and pitch-black hair, the star surely has an appealing personality.

The physical profile

The financial portfolio

To complete a person’s profile, it is important to look at the financial profile too. According to the available details, the net worth value of the star is marked as $3 million approximately.

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Justin Dior Combs is a name that will surely hit hard in the future. Although he is a star kid, we hope his identity overshadows the one given by his father. We are surely looking forward to it.


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