Koreatown Restaurants

Koreatown Restaurants


If you want to live your life, then the only thing that will help you in doing so is food. The quality of food and the quantity you consume have a huge impact on your health and life. Koreatown Restaurants are the trending topic among foodies.

There are different kinds of cuisines trending in the world. From Pakistani, Indian, continental, Korean to Turkish and Thai cuisines, you will find several different dishes and food options. All of these options are better than the others.

We can say that the modern-day food industry is much more developed than the ones in the past. Also, if you want to get the desired taste, you must make sure that you go through famous places for the food item you desire. Only in this way, will you be able to get the desired experience.

LA Koreatown Restaurants

If we say that Los Angeles Koreatown is the center of Korean food items in America, it would not be wrong. In fact, the available details help us understand that the food items here are so delicious that even Koreans visiting from Seoul will surely want to give it another try.

LA Koreatown Restaurants

The importance of the Koreatown Restaurants

The vibrant environment and the excellent quality of food make you feel delighted. Especially what you will find unique in this town is the variety of food items you can order from the menu in front of you. This is not something that you might come across in traditional Koreatown restaurants.

Some highly-ranked Koreatown Restaurants

If you are a Korean food lover, then you will surely want to know about some of the best restaurants in town. So below, we have mentioned a few names and characteristics that will surely please you at the end of the day.

Some highly-ranked Koreatown Restaurants

ABSteak by Chef Akira Back

Chef Akira is one of the most renowned Korean cuisine chefs whose expertise is admired worldwide. Although his home base is in LA, he has expanded the horizon to Indonesia, Seoul, and Dallas, opening new restaurants and spreading the taste of marvelous Korean cuisines.

One of the most important things you should not miss is his tabletop meat serving with the dry-aged offering, wagyu, and stellar banchan, along with other side dishes and barbecue. This is the best place the city can offer.

Sun Ha Jang restaurant

Sun Ha Jang restaurant stands second on our list of famous Koreatown Restaurants. This restaurant has a patio with one of the perfect tabletop grill styles that are truly unique even in the LA Koreatown Restaurants. Once the fatty and mouthwatering duck is seared on a skillet, they are served with a combination of flavor-packed fried rice to make the meals simply perfect.

Soban Restaurant

This is a particular Korean seafood restaurant. You will find the dishes to be extremely amazing. Starring with the perfect array of Banchan at the start of every meal, you will find every dish to be simply perfect. Also, the terrific raw crab is presented to you dressed in two different ways. You will find it in a garlicky soy sauce or a thick spicy red pepper sauce.

You will also get the pan-fried fish along with spicy braised black cod. Thus we can say that the variety of seafood items will surely make you list this as your favorite restaurant.

Chosun Galbee

The next name on the list is Chosun Galbee. This is counted among the longest-running Koreatown Restaurants in LA. Till now, the place is excelling at different fronts, including the quality of the food items and classic flavors. They have an enormous dining space, perfect takeout option, and excellent service. If you visit the restaurant, then do not forget to give Naengmyeon a try with a combination of meat platters.

Han Bat Shul Lung Tang

Han Bat Shul Lung Tang is the next legendary Koreatown Restaurant on our list. You might have heard of the cloudy bone marrow broth being served here. This is purely legendary. Also, the tender slabs of briskets and the various organ meat that float in it make it one of its kind dish. The simple menu allows you to build your meal with perfect seasoning, rice, and kimchi with the sath dash and green onion sprinkling.

Yerim Korean BBQ

Although LA has numerous Korean BBQ places, but none of them are as good as Yerim. This restaurant passed the test of taste with flying colors. The excellent food quality and the reasonable prices make it an affordable place. Also, when coupled with free-flowing drinks, the flavorful and tender meat gives you a truly unique BBQ experience. Plus, the excellent service makes it a perfect gathering spot.

MDK Noodles

If you love Korean food items, you can never say no to the Noodle items. This is why MDK noodles are the place that you should visit for once. Formerly they were known as Myung Dong Kyoja, but to make the pronunciation easier, the place is now known as MDK noodles. The carb-laden knife-cut noodles with pork dumplings and the chewy, spicy cold noodles known as Jjolmyeon are the specialties of this place.

Hangari Kalguksu

This place offers the finest knife-cut noodles in town. The crowd here might make you think you might not get your turn today. Also, the dumplings and the boribap styled banchan starter is the specialty of this place. If you wonder about the noodles, then you will find both the clam and chicken noodles being served here worth trying.

Seong Buk Dong

In appearance, you might find this place to be small, but the well-crafted Korean dishes served here have a flavor that you might not forget. The braised short ribs tend to please the customers. You must give this place a try if you visit LA.

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Koreatown restaurants are one of a kind. The food items that you will find here are the best. Each restaurant has something unique to offer. Therefore if you are a food lover, then you must make sure that you visit each of them once in your life to get the experience of a lifetime.


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