Custom Suits Toronto: How To Design One Fit For Your Body Type


A formal suit is a must-have wardrobe essential for the modern gentleman. Owning a few pairs of this tree-piece staple can take you from the workplace to weddings and evening cocktail parties. However, finding the right suit can often be challenging as most are designed for ‘average’ body types. This can make it difficult not only to find one that suits your style but also fits your body type. 

Fortunately, you can get a bespoke suit designed by a tailor in Toronto that’s one-of-a-kind and made just for your proportions. Here are several known male body types identified by designers that you can use as a guideline to get the perfect suit for you:

Rectangular Body Type 

If you’re a man with a rectangular body type, then the width of your shoulders, torso, hips and waist are about the same, giving you a slim yet proportional straight-line body. Thus, the key to designing a custom suit for you is to slightly narrow your waist and broaden your shoulders to make you look more sculpted. This silhouette can be created by a skilled tailor who makes custom suits Toronto.

The most common suit pieces include a single-breasted jacket with thin jacket arms. It’s most effective when buttoned up from the waist to create the illusion of a broader upper torso. Furthermore, jackets with padding and trousers that are pleated or narrower at your ankle will also help create varying shapes that’d flatter your particular body type.

On the one hand, try not to have a custom suit designed with vertical stripes or a double-breasted jacket as this will hide any sculpting you’re trying to create. 

Oval Body Type 

An oval body type typically has a midsection and lower abdomen that are wider than the shoulders. In many cases, the arms and legs are disproportionately slimmer and short. If this is your body type, then custom suits that create length but still add shape to the upper torso and legs can be the most flattering choice. 

Just like with a triangle body type, a single-breasted jacket with wide shoulders can make your waist look narrower. This time, however, the suit jacket should ideally have an up-pointing lapel, end at your upper thigh, and be in a single-toned dark color or have vertical stripes to create the illusion of being trimmer and taller. Additionally, try to avoid getting custom suits that are too big or tight as these can come across as too casual and untailored.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape 

Your usually long upper torso, such as your chest and shoulders, is the widest part of your body, thanks to heavy arm-lifting workouts or bodybuilding that has made you muscular in this area. Having an inverted triangle body shape also means your waist and leg sections appear slimmer. In this case, your custom suit should aim to even out the two halves of your body while still emphasizing your toned physique. 

This is where a professional tailor can come in handy because most ready-made suit jackets aren’t designed for broad shoulders, even for men. However, a tailor can create custom jackets that are double-breasted and have enough tailored fabric to reduce the bulk created by regular slim-fit jackets. Furthermore, when the jacket is paired with a vertical striped patterned tie and straight-leg pants can makes your silhouette look more balanced and your waist in line with your torso.

For this body type, it’s best to stay away from designs that further draw attention to your upper body, such as pocket squares, horizontal stripes, upward-pointing lapels, wide collars, and shoulder padding. 

Trapezoid Body Shape 


If your body has been described as ‘slim athletic’ build or ‘sporty,’ then you could have a trapezoid body type. This is characterized by well-proportioned upper and lower parts, with your wide shoulders being somewhat on par with your waist, which is either slightly wider or narrower. The good news about your body type is that it’s versatile enough to fit various custom fits. 

The best approach to getting a suit is to focus on good tailoring that fits your size well and accentuates your well-balanced figure. Moreover, since you have the freedom to experiment more, you can try bold colors, patterns, and lengths in terms of your jacket, shirt collar, and trousers. You can also opt for structured jackets with wider shoulders, high-positioned buttons, and a short lapel. Even a collarless blazer could work for a business casual look.


Getting a custom suit designed for your body type entails balancing out your body’s proportions, from the widest section to the slimmest. A key tip to remember is to choose styles that contrast your shoulders and waist to create interesting shapes for your silhouette. In the end, a skilled tailor will always be the best professional to create a custom suit to fit the uniqueness of your body type. 


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