Common Stovetop Issues and How to Repair Them


Stovetops and cooktops are some of the most important appliances in a home, and according to Consumer Reports, 69% of people experience issues with stovetop burners. Depending on the model purchased, your stovetop repair might not be as hard as you think. Today, we will go over some common ways cooktops can cause people trouble and investigate possible solutions, so you don’t need to run to a stovetop repair technician

Electric Stove Top Isn’t Heating 

If your stovetop isn’t heating, then you may be running into an electrical problem and a burner may need to be replaced. 

  • Unplug the oven and make sure that it is away from the wall. 
  • Switch out the burners that are not working in the oven with new ones. If the new ones work, then you know the burner was broken, but if the burner still doesn’t work on the stovetop, then locate the socket and make sure there isn’t any residue blocking it. 
  • If the issue still has not been solved, you will need to locate the ignition switch which can be found by taking the stovetop off and unscrewing the ignition switch, attached to the control knob. Replacing the ignition switch should fix your stove top issues.  
  • Try heating the stove top and test if the burners are working as designed. If the problem is still persistent then the problem may be deeper, and you should call a mechanic to repair the stovetop. 

Gas Stove Top Isn’t Lighting 

If your gas stove top can’t keep a flame, then the range burners may be causing issues with the electric ignition. 

  • Unplug the oven and make sure that the appliance is turned all the way off. 
  • Remove the burner cap and capsule. 
  • Remove any objects that may have been stuck in the hole during cooking. 
  • Once everything is removed you can start cleaning out the grate so that the problem doesn’t come up again.
  • Check the wires that are attached to the ignitor and make sure they’re stable. If connections to the wires need to be sturdy, then you can tighten them. 
  • Turn the Gas stove top on and see if the problem has been resolved. If it hasn’t then it’s worth contacting a stovetop repair company as it could be a gas leak. 

Although a stovetop repair can be time-consuming it’s important to attack the problem from the start; otherwise, you could end up with a larger issue down the line. When attempting any stovetop issue, just remember to unplug it first so no electrical current is going through.  


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