Types of Restaurant Menus


With the diversity of businesses in the restaurant industry, offering different types of menus in the industry is a crucial element in catering to customers.

The restaurant industry, however, is leaning towards improving its services to customers through contactless and cashless transactions. This eventful improvement was idealized because of the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic, where restaurant dining was prohibited to minimize virus contamination.

Now that the health sector is strongly promulgating health protocols to ensure the safety and well-being of the people, the restaurant industry is also aiming to switch up some traditional paperback menus to digital ones.

However, there are different types of menus that restaurants can choose from. A QR code menu software will allow businesses in the restaurant industry to curate these digital menus. These menus can either be a view-only PDF or a more interactive menu where customers can place and pay for orders.

Menu Types

Various menus are offered at restaurants, diners, restos, and other venues.

Traditional menus offer a variety of food and drink options for customers to choose from. Hence, restaurants, diners, restos, and other businesses have unique menus that promote their food and drinks.

You can create an interactive menu QR code with a QR code menu software. You can make interactive menus for your company with this program.

In restaurants, there are five fundamental sorts of menus. You can build a menu QR code for each type, including a la carte, static, du jour, cycle, and fixed menus.

You can build the following menu types for your business.

1.Fixed Menu

A fixed-price menu has a small selection of options. Each meal comes with a single choice of an appetizer, entrée, and dessert.

The cost can change if you choose a different item from this menu.

This is frequently observed at upscale restaurants where every dish is fixed and prepared precisely.

2.Static Menu

A restaurant’s extensive menu, which often does not change regarding its food and beverage selections, is static.

Nowadays, a regular menu is present in most eateries. When there is a wide choice of food and beverage options, patrons are more likely to enjoy their eating experience.

Depending on the technology a restaurant uses, a static menu shows everything it offers. This can be applied to digital menu boards, paper menus, or menus with QR codes.

3.A la Carte Menu

Every dish and beverage on an a la carte menu is listed and priced separately. An a la carte menu is typically more expensive as a result.

A la carte, which means “by the card,” is a French phrase. This phrase, “according to the menu,” was initially employed in restaurants in the nineteenth century.

You can utilize an a la carte menu because customers will value a more extensive and flexible menu that lets them review all available options at your location.

They can select from various menu items to mix and serve at their tables.

4.Du Jour Menu

Depending on what is available in their local market, the meals featured on a “du jour” menu change daily. A chef will create dishes here that are unique each day to serve in their restaurants.

Du Jour translates to “of the day” in French. A du jour menu should be revised daily or as needed.

You can serve a variety of appetizers or even salads in your restaurant. For instance, you might have a menu item called “salad of the day” or “appetizer of the day” and translate it as “appetizer do jour” and “salad do jour.”

5.Cycle Menu

A cycle of culinary meals that are offered over some time is referred to as this menu type. In a restaurant or diner, a cycle menu is simple to understand. The menu items for this form of the menu can be easily created and listed by restaurant owners.

A restaurant might serve one kind of sandwich on Wednesdays, another the following day, and so on through the rest of the week. Every week, this is repeated, or “cycled,” as the phrase suggests.

Final thoughts

Now that you know the menus you can serve in your restaurant, it is time to do your customers.

You may prepare the tastiest meals and give your customers an outstanding dining experience with the right kind of menu in your establishment.


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