Panties: Why is It A basic necessity in this era? 

basic necessity

How many of the daily duties that you complete without hesitation? 5 or 10? 

Are they all? 

Everyone’s response is unique, yet wearing underwear is one thing we all do without giving it a second thought. 

Sometimes we meet people who boldly declare to anyone who will listen their preference to go commando, and we judge them for it. But who are we to judge when the majority of us don’t even know why we wear panties?

It is wise to become familiar with all the justifications for why people wear panties so you can make an informed choice based on logic rather than emotion. We wear undergarments for a variety of reasons, including societal expectations, fashion preferences, and health considerations. 

Continue reading to find out more about why we wear panties underneath our dresses. 

Reduced Infection Risk

Clean underwear is intended to provide as a barrier against some bacteria, fungi, dirt, and other pollutants that might be present in the air or in public areas. If you frequently wear bottoms that are only sometimes washed, wearing underwear is an extremely hygienic activity. 

Safety from potential dirt

Wearing underwear is the simplest approach to provide a barrier between potential dirt build-up and your intimate area, which is essential to preventing vaginal infections and irritations.

Reduces genital irritability

If not to maintain the comfort of our privates, why do we wear underwear? Choosing not to wear underwear might irritate people, as was previously indicated. Due to the high sensitivity and inflammatory susceptibility of our intimate areas, neglecting your vagina could lead to a variety of gynecological problems and damages in the future. 

Prevents genital and nearby acne

Wearing panties is a straightforward, simplest approach to prevent it from happening, and you should take all possible precaution to avoid it. Although we might not want to acknowledge it, breakouts do occur. Choosing wicking panties that will absorb perspiration and oils to prevent buildup and clogged pores is an easy method to stop the itching and discomfort caused by genital acne. 

Prevention of Leaking

We ladies would do anything to be free of incontinence, menstruation, and vaginal discharge, yet we have no control over any of these things. Nobody wants to deal with damp clothing or worry about covering up embarrassing wet spots. Even if you can’t stop your body from leaking, you may at least go about your day acting as if you can because panties acts as the ideal barrier for keeping your clothes clean and dry. Additionally, wearing underwear helps prevent other individuals from smelling our bodily fluids.


It sounds like you need to look into acquiring more practical underwear if you are someone who likes to go commando over wearing panties since you believe it to be more comfortable. It goes without saying that wearing tight panties can be very constricting, but the key to it all is that the undergarments shouldn’t be tight. 

Defeats the Camel Toe

By now, everyone is aware that a “camel toe” occurs when the vulva’s outline can be seen in a pair of tight pants, such as leggings or narrow jeans. Going without underwear could seem like a good idea to minimize panty lines, but wearing tight clothing without underwear puts you at risk for a camel toe emergency. 

Privacy is maintained to the top 

While wearing a dress or a skirt constantly puts you at risk of flashing someone whether getting out of a car, going upstairs, or even being caught in a strong wind. Keep in mind that pants equal privacy and try to avoid revealing your genitalia. Privacy is one of the top reasons why people prefer wearing undergarments with their dresses so that they do not pose to be bad. 

Upholds hygiene

One factor unites the majority of the aforementioned explanations: hygiene. In one way or another, preventing infections, chafing, acne, and leaks are all hygienic activities. The prevention of communicable irritants like pubic lice and crabs as well as keeping dirt and pollutants away from your privates are additional advantages of good hygiene.

The decision to wear underwear is ultimately a personal one. Ask yourself “why do we wear panties” the next time you want to pass judgment on someone for not wearing underwear or are wondering whether to wear underwear yourself. 

What’s more, why do you wear panties? To maintain proper genital health? To prevent a wet bottom? Whatever the cause, bear in mind that a clean set of panties isn’t just a fancy diaper; it is a safety measure meant to keep your vagina content.

Final Words 

You won’t have to worry about your gym clothing turning on you during your next workout because wearing underwear will assist your genitalia look smoother and more seamless. In every way, they ought to feel at ease. Ladies panties are designed with optimal comfort in mind includes panty briefs, boxer briefs, and breathable clothing.


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