Is the definitive solution to erection provided by Penile Prosthesis?


On this page, you will be given information about the treatment options that provide a definitive solution to hardening, along with details. Erectile dysfunction, defined as erectile dysfunction, is the inability to achieve the required penile rigidity to initiate or continue sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction, especially in men over 40, is more common in individuals with diabetes and cardiovascular health problems. There are many different treatment options for the solution to the erection problem. The success rate and patient satisfaction rates of these options vary according to the method applied.

What are the treatment options that provide a definitive solution to hardening?

Along with any method applied, various lifestyle changes are also used. In this way, it is essential for the person to gain healthy living habits and the erection problem to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Increasing physical activity, acquiring healthy eating habits such as the Mediterranean diet, and stopping tobacco use is among the essential lifestyle changes that can be made.

Phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor drugs such as sildenafil and tadalafil, used within the scope of oral drug treatment of erectile dysfunction, constitute the first-line treatment of erectile dysfunction. The general working principle of these drugs is to increase the blood flow toward the penis. The success rate of these drugs, which can be pretty effective, is around 76% on average (1- page 24 in epub reader 2-page full-screen viewing mode).

External vacuum devices are another non-surgical treatment method that can be a solution to the erection problem. In this application, the device placed outside the penis creates a vacuum effect and ensures the collection of blood that will occur in the erection state. The combination of many different parts forms the vacuum pump device. A plastic tube is placed on the penis, a pump creates a vacuum effect outside the plastic tube, and the elastic ring is located at the bottom of the penis to maintain an erection from the parts of this device. The erection can be maintained with the elastic ring for about 30 minutes. The efficiency level of this device is high, about 70-80% (1- page 26 in pub reader 2-page full-screen viewing mode). However, it should be noted that this method has low patient satisfaction rates.

Is Penile Prosthesis the Final Solution to Erectile Dysfunction?

Penile prosthesis (implant) applications, known as Penile Prosthesis, is a surgical treatment method applied as a definitive solution to erection in people who have not been able to respond to medical treatment methods or in individuals with unique health problems. Patient satisfaction after Penile Prosthesis applications varies between 89-97% (2- page 38).

Physicians decide whether Penile Prosthesis applications are suitable for individuals by evaluating their patients from various perspectives. Physical examination, patient’s medical history, expectations, body structure, general health, and penis condition are among the factors that can be effective in making this decision. If the physician evaluates these factors and decides to perform penile prosthesis treatment, the next step is to determine which type of implant will be used.

Penile prosthesis types are generally examined in 3 groups. Three-piece inflatable Penile Prostheses, two-piece inflatable Penile Prostheses, and one-piece Malleable Penile Prosthesis form the primary groups of penile prostheses. One-piece penile prostheses create a constant state of hardness in the person, but since they are malleable, the position of the penis can be changed easily according to the situation. Inflatable penile prostheses are penile prostheses with reservoirs, rods, and pump parts that can provide a more natural erection. Thanks to the pump placed in the testicles, people can pass the liquid in the reservoir to the rods in the penis, and thus, erection can occur.

One-piece (malleable) and three-piece inflatable Penile Prosthesis are the most commonly used penile prosthesis types that offer a definitive solution to erection by using in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. These penile prostheses are surgically placed in the corpus cavernosum, which is located in the penis and fills with blood and ensures physiological erection. These operations, which are usually performed under general anesthesia, are sometimes performed by numbing the lower back only. Thanks to its rigid and malleable structure, one-piece prostheses are made upright by hand and contribute to manual hardening.

 In inflatable three-piece prostheses, on the other hand, when the patient inflates the pump, the liquid in the reservoir passes into the prosthesis part placed in the corpus, providing an artificial but natural-looking hardening. One-piece prostheses offer long-term use due to the absence of mechanical factors and their durability. Although three-piece dentures have relatively more economical costs, they provide a high satisfaction rate for the patient and their partner, as they offer a natural hardening appearance.

Is there a definitive solution to hardening with a one-piece penile prosthesis? (Permanent solution)

The one-piece Penile Prosthesis, placed in two pieces in the corpus cavernosum channels, has a malleable structure. Thanks to its high bending angle, it can be brought to an upright position by hand and easily hidden inside the underwear when not in use. Many prefer it for low economic cost, long-term use, and less risk of deterioration. The one-piece Penile Prosthesis provides a definitive solution to hardening thanks to its hardness and durability and a permanent solution to hardening as it can be used for a long time without deterioration. Before the surgery, the patient’s suitability for prosthetic surgery is evaluated by the physician.

 In patients who are suitable for penile prosthesis implantation, measurements are made to determine the appropriate length and diameter of the prosthesis. Today, there are also one-piece Penile Prosthesis types that come with a hydrophilic coating. The hydrophilic coating prevents bacteria from adhering and multiplying to the prosthesis surface before and after surgery, thus reducing the risk of infection. At the same time, the hydrophilic coating, which allows the dentist to place the prosthesis more easily, contributes to the treatment process in case of possible infection, thanks to its antibiotic absorbent feature.6

Is there a definitive solution to erection with the Three-Piece Inflatable Penile Prosthesis? (Permanent solution)

In English, a three-piece inflatable penile prosthesis is called an inflatable penile prosthesis. Three-piece inflatable penile prostheses work by the hydraulic principle. In operation, the liquid in the reservoir placed in the abdomen passes into the cylinder parts of the penis by compressing the pump placed in the testicles. This way, it can create semi and full hardening and offers natural-looking hardening. Many patients prefer it because it does not create a permanent feeling of hardness as in one-piece prostheses. Although the operations take a little longer than single-piece prostheses, the operation is usually completed in an hour. The three-piece inflatable Penile Prosthesis is one option that offers a definitive solution to erectile dysfunction in erectile dysfunction where other treatments have not been successful. These prostheses, which generally provide hardening by expanding transversely, are also available in versions that extend both transversely and longitudinally.7,8 Individuals who think that the length of the penis will shorten anatomically after surgery are preferred for prostheses that expand both transversely and longitudinally. There are also prostheses.9 The most suitable implants are determined by the physician before and placed with the operation.  For more information, you can visit and get information.


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