Top Six Trending Medical Aesthetics for Men


For many years, most people have been believing cosmetic dermatology goods and advertisements are meant for women. Today, even though women are still outshining men in this market sector, several men are starting to seek aesthetic treatments. If you are a candidate looking forward to minimizing aging signs, boosting your skin appearance, or controlling your hair, medical aesthetics The Woodlands, TX might be the solution. Now, what are some aesthetic treatments men are receiving? Below are the top 6 trending medical aesthetics for men.

  1.     CoolSculpting

This procedure is a significant way to give you a perfect pool or beach body. It utilizes controlled cooling to aim and removes stubborn fat cells under your skin. With time, your body will naturally process the fat and remove dead cells. As a result, it creates a more sculpted and toned body appearance. The procedure is long-term; once the stubborn fats are treated, they disappear completely.

  1.     Dermal Fillers and Botox

Both dermal fillers and Botox are two different cosmetic treatments. However, they are designed to decrease lines and wrinkles and surge the skin’s volume, giving it a youthful appearance. Botox is most effective for reducing wrinkles because its substance briefly paralyzes the targeted nerve cells. Most observables declined wrinkles appear after about 3-6 months after getting the Botox injections. Alternatively, dermal fillers comprise hyaluronic acid, which provides hydration, adding skin volume and minimizing wrinkles for 6-12 before needing new treatment.

  1.     Tattoo Removal

Staying with unwanted tattoos can deteriorate your confidence, particularly if they are on show. Fortunately, men are benefiting from the cosmetic procedure of removing tattoos. Specialized laser tattoo removal facilitates easy ink deletion from the skin without causing substantial damage or scarring. The procedure is effective for several tattoo removal, although if they are darker, removing them is easier.

  1.     Hair Restoration

Even though both genders can experience hair loss as they age, men are more vulnerable to losing their hair. Due to this effect, hair restoration is gaining more popularity than before. Common treatments men can choose from include Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) hair restoration, Minoxidil, and Finasteride. However, the best technique and medication vary depending on the client’s need.

  1.     Hair Removal

While some men seek to add hair, others tirelessly look for ways to remove it. Normally, women’s hair removal treatment mainly aims for smooth and hair-free results. In contrast, a specialist can customize a male’s treatment to a more thin hair or a completely smooth look based on your preferences. Some of the most trending treatment areas for men’s hair removal include the groin, chest, back of the neck, legs, and near the eyebrows.

  1.     Fat Freezing

A significant population is afraid of being overweight, particularly when exercising and changing diets are not producing observable results. Luckily, fat freezing is an affordable and highly-rated non-surgical treatment for reducing fat in areas you want, like the waistline and legs. You may try Cryolipolysis fat-freezing medications, which can stay under an hour, boosting your confidence when wearing summer clothing.

If you are uncomfortable with your body appearance, weight, or tattoos, do not worry because medical aesthetic treatment can be the solution. At Woodlands Aesthetics Obsession in The Woodlands, Texas, a team of cosmetic specialists utilizes an integrative approach to address cosmetic complications such as sun spots, wrinkles, and stubborn fat. Visit the spa today or call the office for comprehensive treatments to mark the end of problems.


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