Peggy Fulford

Peggy Fulford


Sometimes people do fool you. But it is not the crime that you are angry about. It is their audacity to commit crimes that make you angry. Peggy Fulford is a name well-known nowadays in the financial sector, and there are beware posters everywhere regarding her personality.

If we go through the available information, we will learn that nobody in this society is safe. Even if you are famous, you can get scammed in the modern world. The bigger your job title, the bigger the scam you encounter. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that you learn more about famous criminal-minded individuals. This will also educate the public about how people are scamming others nowadays. It will also help them ring the bell of caution.

Peggy Fulford a name worth researching

Peggy Fulford is the name of the woman who was caught stealing money from her clients. Let us give you just the gist of what is going on here. So if you go through the information, you will learn that the famous scammer was sentenced to 10 years of jail time after the authorities uncovered her fraudulent activities.

Peggy Fulford a name worth researching

The details of scamming event

The event surely caught our attention. So let us tell you that Peggy used to be a financial advisor in the past. You might wonder to whom she passed on her advice to. Thus, if we go through the information, we will learn that she was an advisor to many famous NBA players and athletes. She tricked them and nicked millions of dollars from their money.

The victims of Peggy Fulford

You might need some facts to think that the story is true or not. Then let us tell you that it was actually Peggy Fulford who scammed Travis Best and Dennis Rodman. Even the former athlete Heisman Trophy winner Ricky Williams did not remain safe from her trap. Some other names also include the football star like Lex Hillard.

The victims of Peggy Fulford

The name controversy

Now it is time that we take you through the personal life details of the famous scammer. The information helps us understand that Peggy Fulford is also known as Devon Coel and Devin Barad. Also, she kept on changing her last name. You might be wondering about these names. So below, we have mentioned a few for your knowledge:

  • King
  • Williams
  • Simpson
  • Rivers
  • Barad

The lies sold to the client

Now it is time that we tell the lies she sold to her clients, which made them trust her with their money. So below, we have enlisted all of these points for you to go through them:

1.      Fake law degree

Peggy Fulford lied to her clients that she had attended Harvard Law School.

2.      Fake MBA

She also lied about her business degree and told the clients that she also attended Harvard Business School.

3.      Wall street money

The third lie she sold was regarding the fact that she had millions of dollars in her account on Wall Street.

 The method of scamming

While her interrogation, she also revealed the fact that her victims did not have to pay her a fee because she had been nicking from their accounts. Till now, she has nicked millions of dollars. This is a huge amount. She told them that she would keep their money safe, and they used to hand it over to her. She was responsible for paying the bills of the famous stars whom she was taking care of. Instead, she spent the money on her shopping sprees.

The total assets of the scammer

Now it is time to look at the famous scammer’s financial strength. Thus, if we go through the available information, we will learn that she had a lot of money in her bank account. While she was a free citizen, her total assets were approximately $10 million of worth. Due to her wrong full deeds, she had to pay her victims the money she nicked. Even after paying the losses, the scammer currently has a net worth of $4 million. These are quite amazing numbers.

The royalties

While she was conducting fraud, the scammer had several houses. A couple of them included a house in Fort Lauderdale and one in Florida. Also, if we look at the details, we will learn that she owned a number of expensive cars, includinge a Rolls-Royce. Even her American Express charges were $2 million.

The married life

The famous scammer is supposedly married five times in her life. This assumption is made based on the fact of her changing surnames. Also, the information tells us that currently, we do know about two of her husbands. She married an emergency room doctor named Forrest King. She was also married to Stanley Williams for almost six years. Her very first husband died in an accident in 1985.

Children of Peggy Fulford

Since we have looked at the married life information of the famous scammer. It is time that we also go through the information regarding her kids. The information tells us that supposedly the scammer has four children. Three of them are from her past marriages. Currently, the names of these children are unknown.

Personal life details

The available information tells us that the famous scammer Peggy Fulford was born on 10th October 1958. Thus if we calculate her age, then she would be 63 years old. Also, if we talk about her zodiac sign, then it would be Libra.

Information you should not miss

Her birth name is Peggy Ann Barad. She is an American national and attended Spelman College for her studies. The ethnicity details tell us that she is mixed or multiracial. Also, if we talk about her hometown or birthplace, the name we get is New Orleans.

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Peggy Fulford has shown the world how scammers have also evolved over the past few years. Therefore the public should take the necessary precautions to save themselves from any kind of harm that might come from fraudsters such as Peggy Fulford. We hope that in future no such event occurs.


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