Jesse Watters Net Worth, Career, Controversies, and More

jesse watters net worth

Jesse Watters is a famous American news commentator who often remains in the limelight for his popular and controversial shows and podcasts. Despite controversies, the reporter built a vast empire for himself. Now everyone wants to know about Jesse Watters net worth.

He also has a list of a couple of relationships, plenty of achievements, and interesting past life that everyone searches about.

Indeed, Watters is famous, but he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Instead, he worked hard to claim his achievement.

Jesse Watters net worth is impressive, but the story behind achieving it – his struggles in a past life are worth discussing too.

Thankfully, many details are already available about him on the internet. Also, we performed extensive research by browsing credible sources to bring the best and most accurate information about him.

Please read till the end to know everything about the reporter and his net worth.

Who is Jesse Watters?

Watters writes his full name as Jesse Bailey Watters. He was born on 9th July 1978 and is a 44-year-old American political commentator working with Fox News. He is famous for his man-on-the-street interviews and often appeared on his favorite political talk show, The O’Reilly Factor.

In April 2017, he appeared as a co-host of the series “Five.” Recently, in 2022 he became the host of Jesse waters primetime. He also published his first book in 2021, How I Saved The World.

He has seen an extremely successful career and currently works with Fox News.

Jesse Watters childhood & Education

The exact place of his birth is not publicly available, but he was raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His father is Stephen Hapgood Watters, a child psychologist and teacher.

Watters belongs to a family of successful people. His paternal grandfather was a cardiologist, and his great-grandfather worked as an associate chief justice of the Kansas Supreme Court.

Initially, he grew up in Germantown and, after that, in the East fall neighborhood. Later, he joined William Penn Charter School as a junior. It was before he and his family moved to Long Island in New York.

Soon after completing school, he joined Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, with a specialization in B.A. in History and completed his graduation in 2001.


As mentioned, Watters didn’t have many connections, so his career started from a basic level. Soon after graduating, he joined as a production assistant at Fox News and then moved to the production staff of the famous show The O’Reilly Factor.

Soon in 2004, Watters started appearing in the shoe, which gave him massive publicity and a much-needed break to his career.

Later, he appeared on a few Fox News shows, but in 2017, he again came to light by appearing as a co-host of another popular series, The Five.

In 2022, he was awarded a permanent host of a new primetime show named Jessie Watters Primetime.

He continues to work with Fox News and is more popular than ever in history. Sources reveal that he might be appearing on other upcoming high-budget popular shows by Fox News.

jesse watters net worth

Jesse Watters net worth

Numerous websites claim different net worth. We browsed several websites and found a huge difference in data like

Acknowledge reported Jesse Watters net worth of $73 Million.

Successful says Jesse Watters net worth 2021 was $7 million, while Jesse Watters net worth 2022 is $8 million.

However, a trusted and popular website called Celebritynetworth claimed Jesse Watters net worth is $5 Million.

It’s good to go with credible sources so we can positively claim that the reporter currently owns $5 million and he is a millionaire.

With his growing popularity, he might touch new heights in his career, and soon we will be able to watch his net worth grow rapidly.

How did Jesse Watters net worth grow so big?

Watters has seen a successful career, and that’s why he built such a massive net worth. He started working for Fox news soon after graduation and continued to work as an assistant for three years.

In 2004, he got his first break and appeared on The O’Reilly Factor’s popular show. He is extremely good at his work and always looks forward to more challenging roles in his life.

That’s why he was bundled up with several options, and to date, he continues to find leadership positions in many talks and shows that discuss hot political topics. People find his reporting relevant to the topic and love to watch it on tv screens.

Over time he was able to amass a huge fan base that skyrocketed his popularity, and he was to become a millionaire. The reporter is bundled up with multiple options and sees a bright career ahead.

jesse watters net worth

What is Jesse Watters’s monthly salary?

Like Jesse Watters net worth, his monthly salary at Fox News has multiple articles on various websites claiming he is currently being paid $16 million annually. However, the reality is much different from what’s being argued.

We researched information on credible resources and were able to figure out that he is currently being paid $2 million at Fox News.

The details about his previous salary and the hike he received over time are unavailable on the internet. Still, we are pretty sure he is currently being paid $2 million annually.

However, with his growing popularity, he will surely receive a salary hike. Also, his net worth seems justified by looking at his yearly salary. Please leave your comments if you have any updates about the topic.

Jesse Watters wife

The reporter is also pretty famous for controversies in his personal life, and one of them is related to his wife. Also, a lot of people search about Jesse Watters wife net worth. Let’s find out!

Noelle Watters

His first wife was Noelle Watters, whom he met in 2022 when they both worked for FOX News. Their relationship quickly went public when the couple started openly sharing their pictures on social media.

They married in 2009, and their family grew for the next ten years. The couple was blessed with twin daughters.

Noelle Watters prefers to remain silent about her personal life and, apart from being Jesse Watters’s wife, controversy and the court case. There aren’t many details about her.

In October 2017, Noelle accused her husband of cheating on her with Emma DiGiovine. However, both denied it when the media asked them about the allegation. Despite the cover-up, Noelle never changed her mind. Finally, the couple decided to split up.

Soon they officially got separated. Also, Jesse and Emma got married in 2019.

Emma DiGiovine

Apart from being Jessie’s wife and mother to his children. She is also a successful producer, so people search for Jesse Watters’s wife’s net worth. So, currently, she’s worth $5 million.

DiGiovine also used to work as a television producer and journalist. She has been interested in performing on television since childhood and worked as an intern with Showtime Networks Public Relations Department during summer break.

She started her career in 2015 with Fox News. In 2017, she became an associate producer of Jesse Watters’ show Watters’ World and worked there, getting involved in the controversy with his current husband.

Because of the allegations by Jessie’s wife, she was moved to the new show “The Ingraham Angle.” Later, in spring 2018, she left television to pursue her career as a businesswoman and a digital influencer.

With that, she started sharing personal health and diet tips that attracted many people interested to know more about her. To take advantage of this, she developed a website where Emma sells exclusive content related to workouts and lifestyle tips with some physical products.

Emma’s career span is much shorter than Jessie’s, but she stands neck to neck with her husband despite a huge difference. She is doing pretty well and also sees a successful career ahead.

Jesse Watters kids

Jesse Watters has three children, all under 11 years of age. Initially, he was married to Noelle in 2009, and the couple has twin daughters named Ellie and Sophie Walters. Now the couple is separated, but Jesse still supports his daughters.

He occasionally talks about his daughters on various talk shows where he claims to be a ‘pro-parent.’ Luckily, he never found himself in a controversy about his kids with her ex-wife, and everything seems to be pretty smooth.

The reporters also got his one-year-old youngest son with his current wife. Jesse Bailey Watters Jr. The news on Instagram broke with a post highlighting, “He clocked in on April Fool’s Day.”

The couple seems to be in love with their new kid and finds happiness with him. Both of them often post their family pictures occasionally on Instagram.

Jesse Watters Controversies

Like Jesse Watters’s net worth, his controversies are also famous. We already know that he started dating Emma while he was in relation with his first wife. Apart from this, he is also renowned for two of his controversies – for passing racist remarks.

First controversy

Watters first attracted criticism during his show called ‘Watters World in 2016 for passing racist remarks toward Asian Americans. He asked two Chinese Americans about their knowledge of Karate (a Japanese Sport).

He went on disrespecting them by asking if he should bow his head to greet them and do they wear stolen watches. All this happened while the Kung Fu Fighting song played in the background.

Following the controversy and the racist remarks, many journalists and lawmakers convicted Watters for his poor behavior towards the guests.

Second controversy

In 2017, Jessie incorrectly claimed that Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager gave his password to a hacker and quoted that his password was ‘password.’ The same year, he claimed that climate change is not a big deal and defended Trump’s decision to separate kids from their families.

One after the other, his statements supported the story’s wrong side, making people think their host might lose his mind. But these viral statements gave him publicity and an instant boost, and it seems he benefitted greatly.

One more controversy happened in 2009 when Jessie’s cameraman ambushed a popular journalist Amanda Terkel while she was on her assignment for “The O’Reilly Factor,” she was on vacation then.

No controversy sparked then, but a Huffington Post journalist named Ryan Grim met Watters with his phone in his hand, asking him to apologize to Terkel for the incident in the past. Watters grabbed Grim’s phone, threw it to the ground, and broke his cell phone. This sparked a fight between both of them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I hope you got to know about Jesse Watters net worth and all other related details about him.

Here are some questions that people often search for about him on the Internet. If you don’t find your question listed below, please leave it in the comments.

1. Does Watter’s net worth allow him to become a billionaire soon?

No, Jesse Watters is currently paid $2 million at Fox News. Also, his current net worth is $5 million, with no subsequent assets, generating huge passive income. The chances of him becoming a billionaire anytime soon are pretty rare.

2. Was Jesse Watters born rich?

Watters belongs to a well-to-do family where his father and grandfather handled great positions but were not privileged to work in the News. He built his career from scratch without knowledge about the line of work.

3. Was Jesse Watters broke in his past life?

There aren’t any details of him being broke in his past life. He never filed for bankruptcy. Despite being covered up in controversy, he was never found to be struggling with money. Even his career looks bright enough as per current conditions.

4. Who are Jesse Watters’s kids? What do they do?

He had three kids. Twin daughters from his first wife, Noelle Watters, both are young and under 11 years of age. He also has a one-year-old son with his current wife, Emma DiGiovine. His son’s name is Jesse Bailey Watters Jr.


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