Guylashes – Mens Eyelash Extensions


Along with elevating our everyday looks, eyelash extensions are amazing confidence boosters. That is why, lash extensions should be enjoyed by all! Introducing – Guylashes, eyelash extensions for men. In this article, let’s break down men’s eyelash extensions, their secret to creating Guylashes  and how to choose your perfect lash style. 

What are Guylashes?

As the name suggests, Guylashes are men’s eyelash extensions that can lift and enhance natural eyelashes. With simple finishes, thinner lash fans and sophisticated results, men’s eyelash extensions are the next trends in male grooming. With the right design, Guylashes can create the image of thicker lash lines without the extra need for mascara. 

Guylash Styles

There are different styles of eyelash extensions for men, depending on the desired finish. Classic eyelash extensions are the secret to crafting more natural, easy-on-the-eye and elegant looks. These lash extensions have 1:1 ratios, with one individual lash fan being attached to one natural fan. Many can’t tell the difference between natural lashes and Classic eyelash extensions, which is why this style is perfect for those wanting a subtle lash lift without drawing too much attention to the eyes

For more eye-catching lash designs, it’s better to opt for Volume or Hybrid eyelash extension styles. Volume lashes have characteristically very thin and fine lashes, which allow for more fans to be applied to each natural lash. Typically, Volume lashes are crafted with 1:3, 1:5 or 1:7 ratios, with the possibility to create full-glam finishes with 1:10 ratios. 

Hybrid eyelashes are a combination of the two styles and are optimal for designing unique lash looks. Hybrid lashes are beautiful with or without makeup, can accentuate all eye shapes and eye colors and are great eyelash extensions for men. 

How To Create Guylashes

Just like normal eyelash extensions, crafting eyelash extensions men can rock every day requires mink eyelash extensions, lash adhesives and eyelash pre-care tools. 

The first step is to cleanse the natural lashes using foaming lash shampoos, soft lash pads and clean mascara wands. It’s important to work with fresh natural lash lines for better retention and for avoiding eye irritation. Coat a clean mascara wand with 2-3 pumps of lash shampoo and massage the lash line for at least 1 minute. The end results should leave the natural lashes looking refreshed and rejuvenated. 

The next step is to attach each individual lash fan to the client’s natural eyelash. Dip the lash fan into the adhesive and let the product dry for 2-3 seconds. Then, carefully attach the fan to the side of the natural eyelash.

Finally, once all the lashes are attached, it’s essential to inform your client about the eyelash aftercare process. Even though newly-crafted eyelash extensions for men look impeccable, maintaining that appearance requires aftercare lash routines. For premium mink eyelash extensions and lash adhesives, visit the Stacy Lash lash supply store (by this link) and invest in high-quality lashes today!

Guylashes Aftercare

Daily cleansing lash routines are vital for upkeeping men’s eyelash extensions. Simply washing the lashes every day for 60-90 seconds can help eyelash extensions maintain their curl, their shininess and their appeal. Along with the aesthetic, a daily cleansing routine can help avoid unnecessary build-up around the lash lines. Too much oil, makeup residue or dirt build-up can lead to unfavorable eye complications, such as irritations and eye infections. 


Guylashes, or mens eyelash extensions can be the easy solutions for those seeking a new transformation with subtle results! 


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