Affordable Real Estate in Georgia


It is popularly believed that Georgia is a very expensive place to stay. At the same time, it isn’t exactly false because of the high demand and price-to-income ratio for potential buyers. The evolving job market of the state has made it an attractive destination for both people seeking to start a family and grow their careers. 

However, there is light at the end of this tunnel as lots of convenient housing is under construction in the real estate market in Georgia, and some are even already available. Take a look at some of the cheap houses Georgia real estate market offers. We will also enlighten you on some affordable places you will find in Georgia. 

Forest Park

Sited South of Atlanta, this city is the most affordable for buyers and renters considering moving to Georgia. Forest Park’s average real estate price value is less than $80,000. If you are looking to rent, the median rent in the city is less than $900. Most residents can afford this as many jobs are available, and the average household income is $35,000.

Forest Park has amenities you can enjoy and many private and public options for individuals looking to start a family. Also, there is a low crime rate here compared to other parts of Georgia.

South Fulton

Located Southwest of Fulton, outside Atlanta, South Fulton is the best location for families in Georgia. It offers the best schools and programs that encourage the involvement of every community member. Art exhibits, live performances, and art class programs are some of the programs enjoyed by its residents. Buying or renting a home in South Fulton is affordable, with the median home value of less than $200,000 and rent of about $1200 monthly. An average household in South Fulton earns about $65,000.


Riverdale is another good option for a family looking to move to Georgia. While it is a little more expensive than South Fulton, it is highly recommended for starting a family. The average family in Riverdale earns about $60,000. Like in South Fulton, residents have access to good schools and lots of environmental programs and are encouraged to participate in social initiatives.


If you’re looking for an affordable home to rent, Vidalia should be at the top of your list. While buying real estate is not lower than in most other states in the country, it has a median rent of $600, which is 30% lower than most other cities in the state. Vidalia is home to several parks and recreational centers encouraged for residents of all ages. It has one of the best city school districts in the states that caters to your public and private school needs.


In the heart of Georgia is another city that is friendly to home renters. It is home to many musical orchestras and plays, meaning there is a constant pull of tourists into the city all year round. Popularly known for its annual St. Patrick’s day festival, Dublin is also a good investment for all individuals looking to invest in Georgia.


With fewer than 200,000 residents, Augusta is another good option for renters and buyers. The estate rate is slightly higher than Forest Park, but it is still very affordable. If you are looking to retire soon, this is the ideal place to go after your retirement. It is an age-friendly community, meaning the majority of decisions are made keeping the senior residents in mind. Augusta is home to many recreational parks, community centers, fitness facilities, senior centers, and assisted living centers.

Warner Robins

Warner Robins is the best option if you are a retiree looking to move to Georgia. It is very affordable to rent or buy real estate in Warner Robins. There are clubs in the city where retirees meet or spend time with other like-minded individuals. Many activities are organized for the older residents, such as golf, health fair, and golden Olympics. For retirees looking for some assisted living, Warner also gots you covered.


This Georgia City has a population of fewer than 11,000 residents, and it is the perfect option if you don’t mind staying in a small town. Buying real estate in Cusseta is very budget friendly for individuals interested in starting a family. This town is home to one of the best public school districts in the state, and you also have access to recreation centers and a public library.


Summarily, whether you are looking for real estate to buy in Georgia or moving to the state, there are several affordable options you can consider in Georgia. You don’t have to break the bank to stay in Georgia. So, don’t let the stereotype that Georgia is an expensive place discourage you. 


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