9 Reasons to bring a bunny into your life


Pets are important to human life; pets teach us unconditional love and provide lessons about life. Many people consider petting as their hobby and they love to spend their time with pets. For them they are as important as their family, and it’s tough to imagine a life without them. The reason behind this attachment is the true championship that pets offer, they are loyal and caring and they promise to be with you all the time.

One of the cutest and most adorable creatures to have as pets is bunnies. They are so adorable that they melt your heart when you are around them. They don’t ask for much, just a warm place to breathe, adequate food and playtime. Moreover, in return they offer you plenty of good things which change your surroundings and make it happier. So, in this article we will explore some of the essential reasons why you should bring a bunny in your life.

1.Bunnies are entertaining

Have you ever watched a bunny play? If yes, then you must be aware how entertaining it looks when they roam and play around in the house. The best part is they don’t need anybody to entertain them, they are the entertainers themselves. They roam and play on their own, and don’t seek much of your time. Besides, they are smart as well and they learn new tricks and games easily. They can be very entertaining and playful if kept in an appropriate environment.

2.Low maintenance

Compared to any other pet like dog or cat. Bunnies are fairly low-maintenance, as they eat raw veggies or fruits which doesn’t ask for additional expenses, the groceries are available at home at all the times. Moreover, they don’t need walks, vaccines and can be litter-box trained. However, they do need to visit a vet for checkups and health checks. You can even maintain their health at home by reading on pet care websites like BunnyCare Apart from it, there is no other extra maintenance that you have to do for bunny pets.

3.Multiple personalities 

bunnies may be small and cute, but they have multiple personalities to switch. They can be entertaining, friendly, sassy, goofy and energetic and a little bit of everything. This is one the most special qualities of bunny, that they have various personalities to switch, and this you won’t find in other pets easily. You will be surprised at how much personality, attitude and spunk your little bunny has.

4.Wonderful companions

 Bunnies are wonderful companions, they don’t leave your back and they don’t make you feel alone or sad. Their playful behavior is enough to cheer anybody easily, though they can’t speak but they have a quality to react and they listen to everything that you say. Moreover, on days when you need a friend, they will snuggle you and keep you close. Their cute and caring nature will offer you peace and solace.

5.They have a good life-span

bunnies have a life span of 10-12 years, so basically you have a lot of time to spend with them. You can play and roam around with them for years, and you don’t have to worry about them going. If you give proper care and nurturing then they will surely have a long lifespan. So, make sure that you take them to a vet regularly without failure as they are sensitive creatures and catch infections and diseases easily. In order to treat such happenings on time ensure that you take your little ones for regular checkups.

6.No worries of allergy

Many people are allergic to dogs and cats, and they can’t stand close to them. But, if we talk about bunnies, they are non-allergic, the fact that they don’t play outdoors much, indoor space is enough for them, this keeps them safe from catching allergies from outside. Hence, they are a great substitute for dogs and cats. So, if you or someone around you is allergic to dogs or a cat, then you can simply have a bunny with you.

7.Stress reduction

Petting a bunny reduces stress. A few scientific studies suggest that watching an animal reduces cortisol, which is a stress hormone and increases serotonin, a happy molecule. Moreover, snuggling with a bunny lowers blood pressure and makes you feel relaxed. Bunnies are complete mood lifters, and they make you happy from sad in a few minutes.

8.Apartments are great for them

Bunnies live happier in an apartment. They just need a little space to roam during the day, with some time to play in the evening. Plus, they are quite creatures and don’t cause any kind of disturbance to neighbors, they just roam, play, eat and entertain. There is no need to take them out for a walk, and you don’t need a backyard to let them run. A little space is enough for them to move comfortably.

9.They are eco-friendly

Bunnies are eco-friendly creatures, that means they keep the environment clean and are beneficial for cleaning your house as well. They love to be close to nature. They love recycled toys like toilet paper rolls stuffed with hay, used cardboard boxes etc. So, you can easily make a place for them with this eco-friendly material. Also, you can use their entire litter box as compost, it’s actually a great compost for plants rich with essentials that are necessary for plant growth. You can use this litter to grow herbs and plants for them in the backyard of our house.


Bunnies can add more happiness to your life by their mere existence. You get your true companion in these tiny creatures which are cheerful and spread happiness. These underlying reasons tell why you should pet a bunny, so whatever reason it is, bringing a bunny into your home is wonderful and rewarding experience. And choosing to pet a bunny gives a homeless bunny place to live, play and grow. And one thing is sure that you won’t ever regret having a bunny as your pet, you will just admire it always.


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