Crypto Casino Tournaments: Yes or No?


The competition for online casinos is growing more intense now that the casino business has gone virtual. As a result, gambling platforms continuously develop methods to attract new and returning players, including crypto payments, live-dealer games, and enhanced slots. Some of them turn out amazing, and some are epic fails. Gamblers can use free review resources like ORDB to determine if their pick can bring positives. 

However, the most significant consequence of these marketing techniques has been the formation of casino tournaments in which gamers compete fiercely against one another.

The sense of casino tournaments

Tournaments in licensed crypto casinos are a great way for casinos to connect with their loyal customers and bring in new business. However, friendly competition between participants separates these games from regular casino activities.

A typical example of a no-namer is a player who only plays blackjack. Your attention is solely focused on obtaining a hand close to 21 in blackjack. What other players do during the game session is irrelevant since you’re up against the dealer. When you play online slots, your chances of winning depend entirely on your bet’s hit rate and RTP. Other players playing the same slot title will not impact your total winnings.

When you compete in a casino tournament, you face many other players who want the same prize. That could be your chance to make three times as much money without risking what you have already saved, and it will also help develop your table-game playing skills.

How does it work?

If you understand how they operate, joining a tournament in a good crypto casino is a piece of cake. Based on the platform and game type, you’ll need to pay a specific entry fee for the tournament. Freerolls are devoid of entry charges and let players earn winnings without gambling any money; however, this perk is more often found in land-based casinos rather than online.

It’s crucial to remember that a tournament only focuses on one game. You cannot switch plays in the middle of the tournament to try and win; you’re stuck with the exact match throughout. Although an unlimited number of players can join any tournament, there is usually only one winner at the end. The victor is chosen based on the highest payout percentage, back-to-back wins, and total earnings from playing.

Several sorts of casino tournaments

One of the most delicate features of crypto casino tournaments is that they come in various forms to meet your gaming requirements. They have a variety of game mechanics, entry costs, and payout systems, as well as rules for every player.

Here are some of them:

Reloader tournaments

Reloader tournaments enable the involvement of participants to help you come out on top. Often, you may notice a Rebuy option available for use so that multiple attempts can be made- usually at a cost.

This competition requires a fee to play for five minutes. However, you can extend your time and improve your ranking by paying again after the time limit expires. You usually get ten Rebuys in one session, which lets you play for 50 more minutes. It’s similar to buying a lottery ticket–the more reloads you make and the more risks you take, the better the probability of winning is.

Survivor tournaments

Do you want to participate in an event replicating the idea of “survival of the fittest”? If you answered yes, then survivor tournaments will be perfect for you! They are knockout events, and several players are eliminated after each round.

To participate in this type of competition, you must choose a platform. Mechanics will vary depending on the platform you select, but these events usually include three rounds of five minutes each. Round 1 will be played by all players, with the remaining 50% proceeding to the following round. The top 10 after Round 2 will move on to the ultimate stage. Whoever triumphs in the final stage will receive the entire prize pool.

Scheduled tournaments

A tournament and specific start and conclusion times will be formally scheduled and advertised. A certain amount of players must register before the game begins. Before the tournament starts, the prize pool will also be disclosed, letting you know what’s at stake.

Before you can continue, you must pay a Buy-in fee. Tournaments have scheduled prizes that remain the same regardless of how many people participate. Some tournaments offer the money collected from all the Buy-in fees as the main prize.

Freeroll tournaments

Freeroll tournaments, as their name suggests, are free to enter. You sign up and play during the casino’s designated time slot to rack up as many credits as possible and win the game.

Typically, slot tournaments last for around an hour. After that, they’re split into a few rounds, each lasting five to seven minutes. You must rack up credits with every spin to do well in a game and climb the leaderboard. However, some tournaments are only open to guests – usually VIPs.

Sit’n Go tournaments

If you’re into online casinos, sit ‘n go tournaments are definitely for you. They are less structured than other tournaments because they only require a set number of players and length to be determined beforehand. When you join one of these tournaments, you must stay put until the game reaches its participants; once that happens, you can start playing.

The Verdict: Yes or Pass? 

Should you participate in casino tournaments? It’s a question that many gamblers ask themselves, and there is no easy answer. There are wins and losses to playing in crypto tournaments, which ultimately come down to what you hope to get out of the experience. If you’re looking for a way to win big money, then playing in a tournament is probably not the best option. The prize pools in most tournaments are relatively small, and the competition can be tough. However, a tournament can be a great option if you’re looking for a fun way to gamble and socialize with other players.


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