Centrestone Jewelry Insurance


Centrestone Jewelry Insurance is Australia’s premier specialist jewelry insurer. It offers cover for watches, diamonds, and jewelry. In case of damage or theft, the insurer will replace the jewelry at no extra cost. The policy can also be extended to cover other valuable items. Centrestone is the right choice for your special jewelry.


If you have a piece of Jewelry with Centrestone, it is a good idea to consider getting it insured. Centrestone is Australia’s premier special jewelry insurer. In the event of damage, Centrestone Jewelry Insurance will pay for the cost of repair or replacement of your jewelry.

Jewelry with Centrestone Insurance is available from select jewelers and offers a standard and comprehensive four-day policy that provides like-for-like replacement. The service is fully compliant with new insurance regulations. It is available exclusively through selected jewelers and via a QR code.


Centrestone watches come with a bespoke insurance policy. In addition to offering a no-excess policy, this policy is designed to offer maximum protection for your timepieces. Unlike standard home insurance policies, which treat all items insured as the same and will pay a fraction of their replacement value, Centrestone covers precious watches for up to 150% of the insured value.

When choosing a policy for your watches, make sure that it includes Accidental Damage and Portable Contents cover. These cover types are usually included as default in most policies. Accidental Damage cover is particularly useful if you wear your watch outside the home. If it does get damaged, your insurer will endeavor to replace it with a like-for-like model.


Whether you plan to have side stones or a single centrestone, you will need to make sure that you select the right setting for it. A side stone should be no more than one color grade darker than the center stone. In addition, the side stones should not have a higher clarity grade. You may also want to use side stones with lower color grades to accentuate the center stone’s color.

Coloured diamonds are available in a variety of hues and are often considered an ideal choice for the centrestone of a wedding. They are often classified into the Fancy Light and Fancy Vivid categories. They are both beautiful and durable. In addition, they have the added advantage of being lab grown, which means that they can be found in a large range of colors.

Portable contents

Portable contents insurance is a great way to protect your valuables while on the go. Most portable contents policies cover personal possessions in Australia and New Zealand, but some extend cover to other countries as well. If you’re traveling overseas and don’t want to be without your valuables, a portable contents insurance policy from Centrestone can be the right choice for you. Centrestone Portable contents insurance policies provide comprehensive cover for a variety of situations.

Centrestone Portable contents insurance covers a range of items, including jewelry and rare watches. It also includes a zero excess feature, so you don’t have to worry about paying a large excess for the insurance. The policy has a very user-friendly interface, so it’s easy to make a claim.


Centrestone is a member of the Berkley Insurance Group. Its stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and it has more than $US20.5 billion in assets. Their Centrestone Jewelry Insurance is designed to offer maximum protection for your jewelry. Unlike standard home insurance, which treats all items insured the same, Centrestone Jewelry Insurance provides comprehensive coverage for your jewelry, including a replacement value up to $500.

The insurance policy offered by Centrestone offers comprehensive coverage for your jewelry, including diamonds and other gemstones. If your precious item is stolen or damaged, Centrestone will replace it at the lowest cost possible. It will also deal directly with the original jeweler to make the repairs or replacements. If a claim is made, Centrestone pays the insured amount less a $50 excess fee.


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