Troubleshooting a Wine Cooler: 5 Ways of Repair


Cooling the wine to the required temperature allows the drink to fully reveal its bouquet of flavors. It’s the easiest and most suitable way to improve the quality of wine. Sometimes, on the wine label, people can find the manufacturer’s recommendations on the drink temperature. Thermoelectric wine coolers cool the wine using a Peltier element. When electricity is applied to this element, one side of the device becomes cold, the other is heated. The reliability of this Peltier element strongly depends on the cooling quality of the hot side. Unfortunately, a wine cooler may be easily broken.

Operation Recommendations

A wine cooler is a device that hasn’t found wide distribution yet and is in demand mainly among true connoisseurs of a noble drink. This type of refrigeration unit allows people to store a large amount of wine without exposing it to vibrations and temperatures that negatively affect its taste and quality. The differences between wine coolers and ordinary household refrigerators are directly related to the requirements for storing wine. The temperature in the chamber usually ranges from 7 to 18 degrees above zero, depending on the types of wines loaded into it (sparkling, white, red, dessert, etc.). 

The compressor is mounted on special anti-vibration mounts to avoid the negative impact of vibration on the collection. After purchasing and installing this device, it’s necessary to give it the opportunity to stand in the off state for several hours. This is done to ensure that the compressor oil spilled during transportation through the system is poured back into the motor. Then the refrigeration unit must be connected to the network and started. If nothing happens when you turn on a new device, then you should immediately contact the warranty service to solve the problem. In a situation where the wine cooler, which has been working properly for several years, suddenly stopped turning on, you can try to figure out the problem or contact an appliance repair service.

5 Tips on How to Fix a Wine Cooler

In order to understand exactly where to look for some malfunction, it’s worth knowing exactly why the device doesn’t turn on. This may be the absence of starting the compressor, if there are signs of life in the display system, or when the device doesn’t respond to anything at all. Pay attention to the following points:

  1. If none of the indicator lights are on when the wine refrigerator is turned on, it’s worth checking its connection to the mains and the outlet. If everything is OK with the electrics, then most likely the problems appeared in the control unit.
  2. If the sound of a running engine doesn’t appear when switching on, then it’s necessary to check the density of closing the door. If the door isn’t tightly closed, the cooling process won’t start.
  3. The next thing you should pay attention to is whether the temperature is set correctly. It may lead to failures too.
  4. One of the common malfunctions may be the failure of the control module. This is a board in the processor in which the device control algorithm is inserted. If something happens to it (some element burns out or the controller crashes), you shouldn’t expect a launch. Repair of such a malfunction is usually very expensive and isn’t always advisable. The reason for the high cost of such wine coolers repair is that it is necessary to contact a special service center.
  5. When changing the settings, you need to adhere to the recommended temperature range for the upper and lower cameras.

Take care of your actions after buying a wine cooler. Proper use and in-time examination help to avoid breakdowns in the future.



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