Suzanne Marie Sevakis

Suzanne Marie Sevakis

Suzanne Marie Sevakis was the spouse of a notorious serial killer, rapist, and death row inmate Franklin Delano Floyd. Sharon was taken by Franklin, who later married, raised, and killed her. The Girl in the Picture, a new Netflix documentary, focuses on Sharona and Franklin.

Sevakis’s Birthday and Age

When Sharon Marshal tragically passed away, she was 24 years old. It is unknown when she was born.


Before her marriage to Frank Floyd, Sharon Marshall had two boyfriends. Jason Amberson was her first love, but they later broke up. Later, she had a chance encounter with Curtis Flournoy, the father of her son Michael Anthony Hughes.

Michael Anthony Hughes is the name of the son that Sharon Marshall and her high school boyfriend had together. However, Michael’s stepfather Franklin Floyd kidnapped and killed him the same day. It was after it became apparent that the authorities were aware of his plan to raise the boy as a fugitive.

Sisters and brothers

Three of Sharon Marshall’s half-siblings, Allison Brandenburg, were born in 1971, and Amy Brandenburg was born in 1972. Philip Brandenburg was their brother. Franklin gave her two sisters to a local church-run social services organization after being kidnapped, but it wasn’t until 2019 that her brother’s whereabouts got discovered.

Obituary for Suzanne Marie Sevakis

Suzanne and Floyd visited Georgia, Arizona, and Oklahoma during their travels across the country. She attended three different high schools, from Arizona to Georgia. The Georgia Institute of Technology has accepted Suzanne.

Investigators concluded Frank had sexually abused Suzanne after finding pornographic images of her in Floyd’s pickup truck. Additionally, there were 16 images of adult females who had been tied up and murdered. There were also images of another female child who had been sexually assaulted. Suzanne went by several aliases throughout her life, including “Suzanne Davis.”

Wikipedia Suzanne Marie Sevakis

In April 1990, Sharon Marshall’s strip club coworker advised her to leave Floyd and flee with her child to prevent her death. Michael Hughes’s father, Kevin Brown, and Suzanne Marie Sevakis were having an affair. They eventually took Michael and ran.

Three passersby found Suzanne’s body on the side of the road outside of Oklahoma City later that month. At the base of her skull, a sizable hematoma had developed. Authorities thought she was out grocery shopping because there were items all over her. It never got public, but the investigating officers only surmised it was a hit-and-run.

What happened to the siblings and children of Suzanne Sevakis?

Girl in the Picture on Netflix explores the tragic life and early demise of Suzanne Marie Sevakis, who was kidnapped as a young child by Franklin Floyd, who would later become her husband and stepfather. According to the true-crime documentary, Sevakis adopted a variety of aliases while Floyd was in charge, including Tonya Hughes, Sharon Marshall, and Tonya Tadlock. Eventually, after decades of investigation, Sevakis’s authentic relationships with several kids and siblings came to light. When Suzanne Marie Sevakis was living as Tonya Hughes and working as a dancer at a strip club in 1990, she suffered a killing in a hit-and-run accident.

Franklin Floyd, now married to Sevakis as Clarence Hughes, would later abduct Michael, her son, from elementary school, sparking a massive search. The documentary Girl in the Picture demonstrates how the kidnapping investigation over time uncovered a long history of crimes, including years of sexual abuse and the murder of Tampa sex worker Cheryl Ann Commesso. Girl in the Picture, another Netflix true crime documentary, demonstrates how Sevakis’ family, friends, and coworkers let her, her siblings, and her offspring down.

In Girl in the Picture, Suzanne Sevakis’ high school friend claims that she abandoned her college plans and vanished after finding out she was pregnant. The outcome of Suzanne’s first pregnancy is unknown, but she did have at least two children in the end. Sevakis may have had more children, given the covert manner in which Franklin Floyd relocated her across the nation. She had three siblings as well, whom Floyd briefly kidnapped.

What Became Of Suzanne Sevakis’s Siblings?

All four of Sandra Brandenburg’s children were initially abducted by Franklin Floyd while she was serving a 30-day prison sentence in 1975. Brandenburg claims that the police turned her down because she had married Floyd while using the alias Brandon Williams. Like most true crime documentaries, Girl in the Picture omits some details, including what happened to Suzanne Sevakis’s siblings in the end. Suzanne’s half-sisters, Allison and Amy Sevakis, were the offspring of Brandenburg’s second husband. Brandenburg could locate Allison and Amy in a nearby social services facility run by a local church. Brandenburg continued raising the two girls in Virginia with a new husband. The two are still residing in Virginia and are now in their fifties.

What Became Of Suzanne Sevakis's Siblings?

The fourth child Floyd kidnapped, Brandenburg’s son and Phillip Sevakis’ half-brother, is not extensively discussed in Girl in the Picture. Brandenburg reportedly told her daughters that he was dead even though she never did find him. However, a man came forward in 2019 claiming that he thought he was Phillip, and DNA tests supported his assertion.

What happened to the children of Suzanne Sevakis?

Michael, Suzanne Sevakis’s young son, died tragically young, as detailed in the Netflix documentary Girl in the Picture. After years of denial, Franklin Floyd admitted to killing Michael on the same day he abducted the boy in 2015 before going missing after his kidnapping. Before the confession, inmates testified that Floyd had admitted to them that he had killed Michael, mentioning various ways to do so. A body has not been located. According to documents from the government case, Gregory Higgs, Suzanne’s high school boyfriend, maybe the child’s father, indicates that Michael was not Floyd’s child.

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Megan Dufrense, Suzanne Sevakis’s other child, makes an appearance in Girl in the Picture. She was present for adoption not long after her 1989 birth, and her father’s identity is not public. Currently, Megan, a research coordinator at a sports medicine clinic, resides in Louisiana. One of her two kids is Michael, and she has two babies. It was all about Suzanne Marie Sevakis and her life details!


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