Jacob Hurley Bongiovi Age

Jacob Hurley Bongiovi Age

What are the details about Jacob Hurley Bongiovi age and life? Jacob Hurley Bongiovi is the son of well-known American musician Jon Bon Jovi. The young man has gained popularity on Instagram, with over 56.3k followers.

Wiki & Biography of Jacob Hurley Bongiovi

Jacob Hurley Bongiovi (born May 7, 2002) is the 20-year-old son of famous American rockstar Jon Bon Jovi. He has over 789k followers on Instagram alone. Still, aside from being recognized on social media, Jacob is always in the news for being the boyfriend of Stranger Things star actress Millie Bobby Brown. The couple recently attended the premiere of Netflix’s “Stranger Things Season 4.”

Wiki & Biography of Jacob Hurley Bongiovi

Everyone is curious about Jacob, aka Jake, after learning the name of Bobby’s new boyfriend. This Celebsweek article contains accurate information and facts about Hurley’s life. Let’s know more about Jacob Hurley Bongiovi age and his life!

Jacob Hurley Bongiovi Age

He is 20 years old presently. Jon Bon Jovi (father) and Dorothea Hurley (mother) are his parents. His grandparents are Carol Sharkey, a former Playboy bunny, and John Francis Bongiovi, a former marine and barber.

Jacob Hurley Bongiovi Age

Jacob is one of his father’s four children. He has three brothers and sisters: Stephanie Rose, Jesse James Louis, and Romeo Jon. These are the complete details about Jacob Hurley Bongiovi age.

Professional and Occupational Life

Jacob Hurley Bongiovi has been in the spotlight since he was a small child due to his father’s enormous fame as a musician. His father, Jon Bon Jovi, is an American singer-songwriter and actor. He is best known for establishing and leading the Grammy Award-winning American rock band Bon Jovi in 1983.

Jon has released 15 studio albums with his band, which have sold over 130 million copies worldwide. During his career, he also released two solo albums. In the 1990s, he began his acting career, appearing in films like “Moonlight and Valentino” and “U-571,” as well as television shows like “Sex and the City,” “Ally McBeal,” and “The West Wing.”

Relationship Status: Is he single?

Jacob Hurley Bongiovi currently appears to be single. He attracts a lot of female attention, based on the comments on his Instagram posts. He does seem to be preoccupied with himself at the moment, however.

Jacob Hurley Bongiovi officially dates Millie Bobby Brown, a famous Netflix actress. They have been together for about a year at this point. While they don’t talk much about their relationship, they post many pictures together. They can also be seen spending time together. They are thought to have met through mutual friends.

Their relationship was first made public in June of 2021. It is when Jacob Hurley Bongiovi posted a photo of himself and Millie with the caption “BFF 3.” They were seen holding hands in New York shortly after this post.

Millie Bobby Brown turned 18 in February of this year. She and Jacob Hurley Bongiovi dressed up as Barbie and Ken to celebrate her birthday. They shared similar photos on their Instagram accounts.

The couple started attending their first red carpet-event together in March of this year. The occasion was the British Academy Film Awards 2022.

Millie was present in a black Louis Vuitton velvet gown. Jacob wore a standard tux with a matching black velvet bowtie. In addition, he was wearing a blue and yellow lapel pin in support of Ukraine.

It has also been reported that Jacob Hurley Bongiovi’s parents are both vast Millie Bobby Brown fans. Given that they were high school sweethearts, it’s no surprise they support their son’s, young love. The couple celebrated Jacob Hurley Bongiovi’s birthday in May of this year. Millie Bobby Brown wished him a happy birthday on Instagram.

They walked down the red carpet together again in May. This time, it was to commemorate the fourth season premiere of Stranger Things. They matched once more in elegant black and white ensembles.

Jacob Hurley Bongiovi is still in his early twenties. He is politically active, from leading protests to show his support in small ways (such as his lapel pin). Despite joking about starting a band with Millie Bobby Brown in an Instagram post, he is not interested in becoming a musician like his father. He appears to be more interested in modeling and acting. On his Instagram, he has modeled for Farfetch and Versace. According to his Instagram bio, he is an actor. In any case, what Jacob Hurley Bongiovi does next will be intriguing.

Height and weight measurements

Jake has concealed his height, weight, and other physical characteristics. He is a tall man with an average body weight. His hair is blonde, and he has brown eyes. Jacob Hurley Bongiovi age has been present above.

Early Childhood and Education

Jacob Hurley Bongiovi was born in the year 2002 on May 7. It makes him 20 years old right now.

He has an older brother and sister. Jacob has one younger brother as well. According to reports, they get along exceptionally well.

Jacob developed a passion for football as a child. He was a high school team member and planned to continue playing in college. Jacob led a student walkout to protest school shootings during his sophomore year of high school. Moreover, he also cares about several political issues. Jacob Hurley Bongiovi is currently a student at Syracuse University in New York.

Jacob is currently well-known on Instagram, where he shares his photographs. There are a lot of female Instagram users. As of 2020, he had over 56k followers.

Who is his biological father?

Jacob Hurley Bongiovi’s father is the well-known rocker Bon Jovi. He was born on March 2, 1962. His stage name is Bon Jovi, but his legal name is John Francis Bongiovi. His band, Bon Jovi, was officially formed in the early 1980s. Moreover, He quickly rose to prominence. During one of his tours in 1989, Bon Jovi married his wife. He is also very charitable and politically active.

Salary and Net Worth

Jacob Hurley Bongiovi’s net worth is currently unknown because he has yet to launch his career. On the other hand, his father is one of the richest rock stars ever, with a net worth of more than $140 million.

More Details About Him

For the song Blaze of Glory, he received an Oscar nomination for best music in 1991. He has also received the Peabody Award, the Kid’s Choice Award, the MTV Europe Music Award, the Grammy Award, the Golden Globe, and the Felix Award.

Furthermore, Millie Bobby Brown and Jacob Hurley Bongiovi, both known for their roles in the Netflix original series Stranger Things, are romantically involved. Millie owns the Florence By Mills cosmetics line.

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Moreover, Jacob and Millie began dating in June 2021. In New York City, the couple was present walking hand in hand. They also shared images of MBB turning 18 on social media with the loving message “Happy Birthday Barbie ily 3,” to which she responded with the phrase “endless love.” They also celebrate Christmas together and regularly transfer photos. It was all about Jacob Hurley Bongiovi age and his life!


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