6 Fun Pregnancy Announcements for First-Time Grandparents 


Pregnancy is full of anticipation and excitement. After all, parenting is a unique and extraordinary adventure! You may be ready to share the big news by now. Your parents will be incredibly excited to hear about their first grandchild. 

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It’s heartfelt and meaningful to become a grandparent for the first time. The following pregnancy announcements are perfect for telling your parents about your baby. Make it your own with fun props or newborn clothing. With a little creativity and planning, you’ll have an unforgettable family moment.   

  • Grandparent Baby Clothes 

Everyone loves baby clothes with cute prints and graphics. They’re especially fun when your newborn wears them in pictures. If you’re someone who likes surprises and you want something “Insta-worthy” for your parents, you can announce your pregnancy with the help of Gerber® Onesies® bodysuits or a baby tee. 

To pull off this cute DIY, start with a blank bodysuit or tee. Choose a favorite color and then personalize the shirt so it features a special message to the grandparents-to-be. Once you have the right greeting, you can create or customize it as you wish. 

When you’re ready to package it up, fold the baby clothes in a colorful box with tissue paper. Wrap it with a bow and tell your parents you have an unforgettable present for them. When they unfurl the box, they’ll be shocked and delighted at the message on the clothing! Be ready with a smartphone or camera to take photos of the moment. 

  • Baby Shoe Ornaments 

If you’re having a baby around the holidays, it’s easy to design a special announcement. A fun way to do this is to make an ornament out of baby shoes. Find a lightweight pair of shoes that still look fancy enough for a special display. Some of the best baby shoe colors for this project include white or gold. You can also choose a color like cream or light blue. 

Go with the holiday theme with baby shoes in red or silver. Once you choose footwear, you can design your craft. If you aren’t sure how you’ll create the piece, there are DIY baby shoe ornament tutorials for this purpose. To get started, you’ll need a hot glue gun and scissors. You’ll also need a thin ribbon in a color that matches your baby’s shoes. 

Glue your piece of ribbon to the back inside of each one of the shoes. Then, write a special message to tell them you’re pregnant! When you’re ready to announce, you can put the ornament in a gift wrap box or hang it on your parents’ tree. Whatever way you display it, it’s sure to be the most memorable holiday present in recent memory. 

  • Surprise Baby Photo Shoot 

Going on a family vacation? Make the trip more interesting with a surprise pregnancy announcement! This one makes for an unforgettable photo. First, you’ll need a poster board or a letterboard set. 

Write out your message and then keep it handy for when you take your picture. Choose a picturesque spot along the way. This could be a beautiful natural setting or a historical site you want to remember during your trip. When you get to the place, ask your parents to take a photo with you. The grandparents-to-be don’t have to read the board when you take the picture. All that matters is that you capture the scene. 

When the photo shoot is done, it’s time to show your parents the picture. They’ll get a surprise as they gasp at the news you’ve shared! You’re also sure to get a few laughs and smiles. Have the photo framed so your parents can put it on display. 

  • Grandparent Coffee Mugs 

Believe it or not, there’s a perfect pregnancy announcement for coffee lovers. Grandparent coffee mugs are a fun and useful way to tell the new grandma and grandpa you’re expecting. They also make for a special keepsake. To get started, choose a classic ceramic cup or a dinner mug. You’ll also find plenty of mugs in long-lasting materials like metal and stone. 

Once you find the right shape and style, it’s time to personalize it with the message of your choice. Some common ways to customize a coffee cup include digital printing and laser engraving. Depending on the mug, you can also choose methods like pad printing. 

Be sure your message is short enough to fit on the cup, yet sweet enough to let your parents know the news. When you’re ready to deliver the announcement, pack it up with their favorite brand of java. They’ll love chatting about their new grandchild over a hot, delicious cup of coffee. 

  • Baby Beverage Labels 

Some grandparents love coffee, but others are wine connoisseurs or craft beer fans. To make an inspired announcement, you can add a new label to your parents’ favorite bottle. When it’s time to go shopping, choose a beverage worthy of a special event. Products may include a special release or vintage selection. 

Once you have your drink, purchase blank beverage labels. Use a colorful label with a black or gold permanent marker to make the announcement on your own. If you’re into DIY projects, you can also find an online template for a beer or wine label. Customize it so that it features your pregnancy announcement. Don’t be afraid to try different designs and font sizes. 

Design the label to look like the name of their favorite beverage. Next, print it on your paper of choice. Glossy or foil paper will offer a sophisticated, luxe look. At the same time, paper with a vinyl coating is sure to add personality to your label. Whatever you choose, be sure to measure it so that it wraps around the bottle. If the label doesn’t have an adhesive, you can secure it with tape. Hand-deliver the bottle or take it to dinner. You can celebrate with a toast after the announcement. 

  • Sonogram Puzzle

A sonogram photo is one of the most precious pictures — and your parents will love seeing your baby for the first time. You can offer them something besides the usual photo reveal to sweeten the moment. Take your parents’ announcement a step further with a photo puzzle. (umberlandpediatricdentistry.com)

A sonogram puzzle is a fun and heartfelt activity that lets the grandparents put the news together. Your family will love it because it’s interactive. It’s also the type of announcement that allows for plenty of pictures. If your parents don’t live close by, you can send the puzzle in the mail. Ask them to video chat with you before they open it. 

As they finish the project, you can tell them you’re having a baby. Another idea is to finish the puzzle with them. You’re sure to get big hugs and see happy tears.  

Announcing the Big News About Baby 

Now that you know you’re pregnant, it’s time to have fun with your big announcement. This list will help you find a way to delight and excite your parents. It doesn’t matter if you prefer something emotional or lighthearted. You’re sure to create an unforgettable moment to someday share with your child! 



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