3 Reasons Why You Need Regular AC Cleaning and Maintenance


Some people take their air conditioners, particularly the AC cleaning and maintenance aspect, for granted. For them, as long as their AC seems to be working fine, there’s no need to bother about its upkeep. 

Homeowners often fail to realise that air conditioners are not “set them and leave them” appliances. 

While commercial establishments have regular AC cleaning and maintenance schedules, many homeowners often wait until they start experiencing problems (or their air conditioner breaks down) before cleaning their unit or calling for professional help.

Air Conditioning Cleaning and Maintenance Frequency

How often should you clean your AC? 

If you ask Toshiba Air Conditioning Australia, they’d tell you to clean your split-type air conditioner’s indoor unit at least once every two weeks. This regular AC cleaning schedule involves wiping down the AC unit’s exterior with a wet cloth and removing the air filter, washing it, drying it, and reinstalling it.

How about all the vital AC parts like the fans, coils, coil fins, and condensate drains? A professional AC technician can clean and check them for you. As a general rule, get AC maintenance or servicing at least once a year, especially before the season when you intend to use your AC heavily.

Thus, your geographic location also influences your AC servicing frequency. If you live where it’s hot and you’re using your AC every day, your AC will need more frequent maintenance.

So, if you live in the United Arab Emirates, where temperatures swing only between hot and hotter for several months, yearly AC maintenance will not cut it. In this case, you should probably get professional AC servicing and maintenance at least three times a year, or once every four months.

Why Your AC Needs Regular Cleaning and Servicing

These are the reasons why having a regular professional AC cleaning and servicing schedule is highly recommended. 

1.Prevent AC Breakdowns and Costly Repairs

If you don’t clean your split-type AC’s outdoor unit, dirt, dust, and other debris might lead to blockages. If you don’t wash or replace your indoor unit’s air filter, dirt will obstruct airflow from the AC, lower the unit’s internal temperature and, eventually, cause ice to form on the AC coils. 

Finally, if you do not have your air-conditioner checked by professional AC technicians, you will not know about issues that may be building up, leading to costly-to-repair or even irreversible damage.

In other words, if you don’t clean and have your air conditioner professionally serviced regularly, your air conditioner will break down eventually.

This is probably okay if you live in a country with temperate climes. An AC breakdown, in this case, should be nothing more than a minor annoyance or inconvenience. However, if you live somewhere with a tropical desert climate (like the UAE), every minute without air conditioning, particularly in the summer, can be excruciating.

In the UAE, air conditioning is a default expectation and requirement. Even theme parks, like the 15-hectare Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, are fully air-conditioned.

Can you imagine staying in a Dubai apartment or villa without air conditioning? The typical summer temperature in Dubai is 45°C. Factor in the humidity and the average heat index (the perceived temperature) could be greater than 50°C.

So yes, especially if you live where air conditioning is not optional but essential, you cannot afford to have AC breakdowns. To ensure that, ensure regular AC cleaning and maintenance.

2.Improve Efficiency and Save on Your Electric Bill

When vents, filters and parts are bogged down by dirt, dust and debris, the air conditioner has to work harder and longer to attain your desired temperature. This extra time and stress translate to a higher consumption of electricity.

Air conditioners can also have low levels of refrigerant. When this happens, the AC cannot remove heat as it should. This leads to the air conditioner taking longer to reach optimal temperatures.

Air duct leaks and worn-out parts can also make your AC inefficient. In the former’s case, the AC can leak cold air, wasting the energy used to produce it. In the latter’s case, the AC requires more energy to function. Either way, the AC uses more energy than it would need to had it been in excellent working condition.

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your AC will improve AC efficiency. Consequently, your AC will consume less energy, and you will save money on electricity.

3.Maintain Good Air Quality

The inside of AC units can get moist or humid. This will not only lead to an unpleasant damp smell. Left unresolved, it can also lead to bacteria, mould and fungal growth. When this happens, your air conditioner will become the source of contaminants that can make you and your family members ill.

Regular maintenance by professional AC technicians can prevent this issue. Their routine maintenance checks should uncover biological growths if any.

Regular AC Cleaning and Servicing Is Essential

Air conditioners will get dirty and eventually fail. 

However, you can extend your AC’s life, avoid expensive repair bills, save on electricity, and prevent aggravating AC breakdowns by keeping a regular AC cleaning, maintenance and servicing schedule.


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