Matilde Vicenzi at SIAL, The World’s Biggest Food Innovation Fair


SIAL is the world’s biggest food innovation fair which is helding in Paris from 15th to 19th October. It is an event that brings together people from different parts of the world and it is expected to attract thousands of people. Every two years, producers, importers, buyers and retailers meet at SIAL, in order to get inspired by each other, to debate ideas and to exchange thoughts about what makes us the happiest: food. 


SIAL is a trade fair which specializes in the food processing industry. The event was first held in 1964 in Paris and, from this moment onwards, every two years chefs, pastry chefs and both food experts and food enthusiasts from all over the world are brought together in the French capital. During 5 days they’ll come together in order to participate in debates and conferences, but also to show colleagues and visitors the wonder and the beauty of all types of foods.

Without a shadow of a doubt, SIAL represents one of the most important events to ever occur in the food sector’s history on a worldwide scale. Many people in the food industry are looking forward to taking a trip to the French event, where they will have the opportunity to further strengthen their existing commercial ties as well as meet with prospective new clients.

Matilde Vicenzi

Regarding the sector “delicatessen and bakery”, for which obviously the main focus will be on cakes, pastries, sweets and more, a company that definitely can’t be missed at SIAL Paris 2022 is Matilde Vicenzi, the great Italian fine pastry maker that, more than a century into its existence, it is now appreciated in more than 110 countries. 

If you’ve heard of Matilde Vicenzi, surely you could not have failed to hear about the extraordinary quality of its products, starting with cookies and desserts, not to mention the delicious Puff Pastry, the glorious Millefoglie by Matilde Vicenzi, characterized by 192 thin crispy layers. The traditional recipe requires a layer of butter between the folds of puff pastry dough and the gentle folding of the dough back on itself many times. If your mouth was watering just from reading it, you don’t want to miss trying it at SIAL 2022, where you can find Matilde Vicenzi’s stand at 5A G 140.

Top-notch quality is always rewarded

The premium quality for which Matilde Vicenzi is so famous and recognised in the pastry world is because of two reasons: while it depends greatly on the raw materials it uses – premium and non-GMO ingredients, in order to ensure customer satisfaction -, it is also thanks to the traditional Italian techniques it carries on. 


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