How Outdoor Activities Benefit Baby’s Development?


A Baby’s developmental stages are very crucial for the parents and each stage that a baby goes through has specific and different demands. Learning how to cope with the developmental phases of a baby is quite important for the parents as proper channeling of the baby’s needs helps them to grow into a balanced human being. The developmental milestones of the baby should be catered to appropriately and responsibly. Outdoor activities are an aspect of the developmental nurturing of babies that play a significant role in their upbringing. After learning the importance of outdoor activities in this article, it’s sure that you would settle your babies in the best stroller in NZ and take them to a park and have some fun.

Sensory Experience

Playing outdoors helps your child with better sensory experiences. While being out in a park or ground, they are sure to utilize the maximum of their five senses and learn things way better. Outdoor activities provide much more to see, touch, hear, explore, and understand. Children should be taught to develop enhanced sensory comprehension from an early stage so that it helps them throughout life, and outdoor spaces are amazingly stimulating and multi-sensory places for this practice.

Improve Motor Skills

Motor skills include all the bodily skills that a child learns as he ages. Houses provide limited space and thus babies feel it difficult to exert their full potential and apply their motor skills; however, outdoor areas are great for the practice of utilizing motor skills and improving them. Both gross motor skills like running, jumping and crawling, and fine motor skills like picking leaving, plucking grass stands, etc. are enhanced when babies are allowed to stay outside in a park or garden.

Better Sleep

When children play outside, they discover much more things and exert their bodies more to find new stuff. Children get tired when they exercise their energies in outdoor play and activities. This helps them to develop better sleep habits. Babies are likely to sleep in time and experience a deep and better slumber after playing outside.

Better Appetite

Obviously, when babies would spare their energies in playing and exploring outside the house, their appetite would get better. They would get hungry and would want to eat something. Be careful in what you are giving your child to eat; always prefer healthy and homemade meals for babies instead of giving them packed junk food.


Keeping your child inside the house would make them introverted and their social abilities would not be built. Outdoor activities allow the children to interact with other children of their age, and make new friends. This helps to develop their social skills which last with them for a lifetime. 

Builds Immunity

Playing outside with natural objects, like sand, water, and grass, helps the child to build immunity. Parents often think that keeping their children inside their homes can save them from germs and diseases; however, studies have shown that children who stay inside are more prone to developing diseases; this is because their immune system isn’t able to defend their bodies. Outdoor activities are a great way to boost the child’s immune system and thus should be followed daily.


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