5 home office furniture that can inspire productivity


Working from home is here to stay, with hybrid setups to be the default by 2024. Since a dedicated workspace has become a necessity for many, some have turned their extra rooms into home workspaces. Meanwhile, others have opted for a home renovation and built their dream home office with help from a draftsman.

Unfortunately, staying productive at home can be tough, even with a functional home office. The good news is that getting more work done is possible with the right home office furniture.

How home office furniture affects productivity

Influences comfort

Productivity is directly related to comfort. An uncomfortable chair and desk may cause a stiff neck, low back pain, or carpal tunnel syndrome. In other words, this may affect job performance. That said, going for comfort over aesthetics when buying home office furniture can help you carry out your tasks more effectively.

Helps set boundaries between work and home

As you spend most of your time working from home, you may struggle to have a work-life balance. This happens when there’s no mental distinction between work duties and personal tasks. 

Thankfully, strategically placed home office furniture can create a physical distinction between your workspace and personal space. Desks, dividers, and cubicles can segment your office and separate your work life from your personal life.

Boosts motivation

Finding motivation while working from home can be challenging. With the right home office furniture, you can stay on task more effectively. For instance, a beautifully designed and functional workspace can inspire you to perform tasks and beat deadlines.

Home office furniture ideas

1.Height-adjustable desk

Uncomfortable home office furniture can take a toll on the body. If you’re working from home, you’re probably slumped over your computer for hours with hunched shoulders and an aching back. You can counteract this with a height-adjustable desk.

This desk has adjustable levers that let you alternate between sitting and standing while working. With consistent use, it can reduce backache, ease neck strain, improve posture, and boost energy levels.

Desk placement is important, too. A bad angle can create screen glare, while a wall view can make you uninspired. To increase productivity, place your desk close to a natural light source or at the centre of the room. Also, make sure that the background won’t be distracting if you’re going to be on video calls.

2.Ergonomic chair

If you spend most of your day sitting while working, it makes perfect sense to invest in a chair designed for optimal productivity. A quality ergonomic chair, in particular, can keep you comfortable as you spend hours on tasks. 

Unlike a regular office chair, this one is designed with ultimate comfort in mind. It has adjustable armrests, seat height, seat depth, and back recline to offer lumbar support and reduce neck and back pain.

3.Small couch

Your at-home workspace should get you into work mode, but it must inspire creativity, too. That said, add cosy furnishings like a comfy couch to your home office. This can brighten up your space and offer a sense of comfort. It can also get your ideas flowing and provide respite when you need a quick brain break.

No matter your office design, your couch has to fit your workspace aesthetic. It should also be strategically placed to be easily accessible from your working table.


Whether you’re a bookworm or not, you can benefit from adding a bookcase to your home office. This furniture can be a home for your books, magazines, and reference materials.

A bookcase can also serve as the focal point of your workspace. Plus, it can showcase the things you value most while you work. For instance, this can display your beloved collectibles, artworks, and plants.

5.Storage cabinet

When it comes to productivity, comfort and organisation are vital. Staying focused can be challenging in a cluttered, disorganised workspace, so consider investing in a high-quality storage cabinet.

This functional furniture is especially essential for filing and organising important documents. With this storage solution, you can save yourself from the hassle of going through papers or looking for lost documents.

Invest in the right home office furniture

Your home office furniture impacts you more than you might think. It directly affects your productivity, so consider long-term effects and prioritise comfort and functionality when choosing furniture.

Now that you know that home office furniture can make or break your efficiency, follow the tips in this guide and invest in the right furniture pieces.


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