Top 10 Things to Look For in an Apartment for Rent

Top 10 Things to Look For in an Apartment for Rent

When you’re seeking an apartment for rent, it will not be easy with the budget and lifestyle in mind. You should always consider some things before signing the landlord agreement. But, when you’re on the hunt for an apartment for yourself, there are certain considerations you must bear in mind.

So, in this article, we will cover more about the main things you must look for while you find an apartment for rent. Towards the end of the article, we will also cover more about what you must observe when inspecting the apartment.

What to look for when you seek an apartment for rent?

There are numerous things you need to look for before you move into a rented apartment. Hence, let’s check out the main things one after the other.

#1 Floors across rooms

Whenever you enter an apartment, you will first notice the floor. So, if you’re inspecting a spacious apartment, check whether the carpets are clean and don’t have any snags. Furthermore, there should not be any stains across the carpet, and they should not smell bad. 

Soon after you roam around the rooms, you will also have to check the bathroom and the kitchen. Once you observe such rooms, you have to check whether someone has cleaned the floors. On the other hand, you should also observe the tiles and ensure that there are no scratches on the tiles. But, if you’re about to stay in the apartment immediately, consider buying a stain remover and cleaning the indoor space using a vacuum cleaner. 

#2 Check the walls

While inspecting the house, you should always prudently check the walls. Firstly, the paint across the walls must not be chipped off and should be consistent across the entire house. In addition, the walls must not appear bad due to many stains. But, if the homeowner has fitted some wooden panels across the walls, you must ensure that the boards are not rotten. 

As you move around the rooms, you should also ensure that an individual has drilled any holes for hanging paintings or wall art. With this in mind, you will have to fill the holes with the help of spackle and caulk. Apart from this, you will also have to check the overall condition of the baseboards.

#3 Inspect the windows properly

Even before you move in, you should always remember to inspect the windows. If you cannot close and open the windows, it can create a problem. But, when you stroll across rooms, you must ensure that every room has a window you can easily open. A bit later, you also must inspect the size of the windows and ensure that the room appears lively due to sufficient daylight.

After checking the windows, you have to ensure that the windows are not leaking from any area. Beyond this tip, you will also have to observe the glass’s overall condition and ensure that it is not broken. Moreover, the glass must be completely clean and should not appear dirty due to mildew or mould. 

#4 Consider checking the lights

Soon after you start roaming across the apartment, you should turn on the light switches and check whether they are working. If you observe them being damaged, you can seek assistance from an electrician. On the contrary, if the lights are not turning on, you must check the condition of the bulbs. In that case, you will be responsible for buying new bulbs and considering replacing them. 

Now, when you’re interacting with the landlord, you must check whether he will be renting the apartment with certain appliances. If that’s the case, you must ensure that the appliances are working properly. Apart from everything else, you must also check the condition of the fuse box and if there are any loose wires. Most importantly, you also have to check the number of fuses so that there isn’t any danger of a fire hazard.

#5 Spend some time inspecting the HVAC

When you’re concerned about the HVAC in your house, you must ensure that the thermostat is working properly. Once you observe the thermostat, you can also determine if the unit maintains the indoor temperature. Besides, you shouldn’t observe any loose wires or hoses coming out from the HVAC unit. 

Post checking the HVAC unit, you must ensure whether the filters are dirty. But, if the past tenants haven’t thought about replacing the filters, you must change them soon. As time passes, you will often have to change the filters so that the HVAC unit runs efficiently. But, if you forget to replace such parts, the unit will consume more electricity. 

#6 Ensure whether there’s fire safety

As you plan to stay in the apartment for a long time, you should check for smoke detectors. Even when the house seems safe from a fire hazard, your neighbours have to be careful. Once the place catches fire, it can spread quickly through different areas. So, when the fire is bound to spread quickly, a smoke detector can protect you and your family. 

While you are aware that fire can spread in no time, you should look for a smoke alarm in every bedroom. Additionally, the alarm should also be set up in the kitchen. But, when you settle down in the apartment, ensure there’s no problem with the smoke detectors. Using new batteries for the smoke detector is also not a bad idea. 

#7 Don’t forget to check the bathrooms

Once you check the house rooms, you need to go to the bathroom and check the faucets and the shower. Firstly, you must check the water flow and whether the water is hot or cold. Apart from this, you must also check the wall around the shower and ensure the tiles are not damaged. 

Besides the bathroom, you later have to check the toilets and whether the flush is working properly. In those instances, you must ensure the toilet is not leaking and the floor is not slippery. In addition, you also have to make sure that the water drains down properly. 

#8 Spare some more time inspecting bedrooms

Even though you like the apartment, you should always remember to check the bedrooms. At that moment, you must check the doors and whether there are any issues with the locks and doorknobs. The place should also not look weird due to the paint across the walls. 

Apart from everything else, you must ensure that you have two sets of keys for the apartment. While the front door should have a normal lock, it’s important to also look for a deadbolt. Once you enter the bedrooms, you also have to ensure that the shelves are not loose and that there is ample space in the bedrooms.

#9 Observe the condition of the kitchen

Most of the time, you can’t be sure about the kitchen’s condition in a rented apartment. Hence, when you move around the kitchen, you should first check the stove and how well it is functioning. Additionally, you also have to check whether the switches are working fine. If you observe frayed wiring near the microwave oven, it’s time to seek help.

In addition to the main appliances, you will also have to observe the refrigerator’s condition. If it’s cold and dirty due to mold, think about cleaning it up later. Towards the end, you also have to see where the past tenant has thrown the leftovers. It’s also necessary to check the cabinets to see if there’s mildew or mold. You also have to inspect the space for animal droppings as pests will be running around.

#10 Look for pests across rooms

Lastly, you have to check around for rodent and insect droppings. If there are droppings around certain areas, it can indicate pests in the house. Initially, you will think twice about choosing a rented apartment. But, you will soon figure out the best solution for pest problems.

Post inspection of the apartment, look for areas where pests can gather. For this purpose, you will need to get a flashlight. As soon as you turn on the flashlight, you can search for gaps and cracks in the ceiling and the walls. You also have to be extra careful when you are inspecting the area near the tub, the stove, and the cabinets. 


There are many things that you have to inspect when you consider an apartment for rent. While you have to check the overall condition of the floor, you also have to inspect the walls. Additionally, you later have to check the windows and the area around them. If there are many lights near the ceiling, you first have to turn on the switches and ensure that the bulbs are working properly. 

In the end, you must not forget to check the HVAC unit, smoke detectors, and the overall condition of the bedrooms and the kitchen. If you’re unsure about pests, you can inspect the indoor space thoroughly for rodent and insect droppings. In any instance, you can think about resolving issues with the assistance of an apartment manager. But, instead of seeking help, you can find a remedy for the problems yourself.


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