6 Cute Additions To Spruce Up Your Kitchen


You might think that your kitchen is already a little bit of a mess? You can bring your kitchen to life with simple and inexpensive tricks, like adding a cute little olive oil bottle. If you want to create a space that feels more welcoming, warm, and inviting, then these tips are for you.

Here’s Our Top Picks For Cute Kitchen Additions

  • Olive Oil Bottle

Hand-made olive oil bottles are classic and elegant. They are suitable for oil, dish soap, vinegar, and other liquids. Add some color with colorful olive oil bottle too. These gems come in every color imaginable.

  • Add a Backsplash

You probably don’t picture a backsplash when you think of a modern kitchen. But if you’re trying to add some pop to your kitchen and make it feel more modern and stylish, why not try adding one?

You can go with a classic tile backsplash or get creative with something fun and colorful. Whatever you choose, make sure it matches the vibe of your kitchen.

  • Fun Drawer Pulls

Try these cool options if you’re tired of the same old boring drawer pulls. You can get them in all shapes and sizes — from hearts to stars to animals — and they’ll add some personality to your kitchen. So why not shake things up and add a few fun pulls to your kitchen? You might be surprised at how much of a difference they make.

  • Tiny Potted Plants

The little things can make such a big difference in your kitchen. Tiny potted plants, for example, can brighten up the space and add a pop of color. They can also help purify the air.

Plus, they’re a great way to add a touch of nature to your home. And if you’re not the best at keeping plants alive, no worries—these are pretty hardy and can stand up to a bit of neglect. You can move them around as needed.

So why not give it a try? Pick up a few small plants at your local garden center and see how they brighten your kitchen.

  • Get A New Mat For Under The Sink

This is probably the easiest thing to do to make your kitchen look unique. Just get one! And then put it under the sink (or wherever it lives). These mats are designed with an anti-slip rubber backing that keeps them in place. It’ll be easy to clean with water and paper towels, so no worries about spills or messes.

  • Open Shelving To Display Your Dishes

Open shelving allows you to display your dishes more organized and attractive. It’s also easy to install, so it doesn’t take much time. And if you already have an open shelving system, now is the time to rearrange your kitchen to look great. You can remove certain items from the shelves entirely or use them as additional storage space if they aren’t currently used for anything else (i.e., your plates).


You don’t need to bring in a professional designer or spend thousands of dollars on remodeling. You can get all the same benefits with just a few DIY projects and some creativity.


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