Three Things to Consider While Buying Anonymous Web Hosting


You might be thrilled to know you can have a secret, anonymous website, where no one can ever find out who actually you are.

Typically, your domain name registrar and hosting provider are available to the world; something that may be distasteful for many; to be tracked online and their personal information flowing around the internet.

Anonymous web hosting helps you to avoid revealing your information and even you can buy VPS with Bitcoin to provide maximum anonymity for yourself.

If obscurity is your main concern in cyberspace, stay tuned until the end of the article.

Which type of web hosting suits my needs best?

First of all, is it worth establishing: Shared hosting is a method of site hosting where the resources of a server (memory, CPU, RAM, bandwidth, etc) are shared between multiple users, often belonging to various businesses.

On the other hand, in dedicated hosting, the server allocates all of its hardware resources to a single user Instead of sharing them. In comparison, dedicated hosting is similar to private property, while shared hosting resembles a hotel where its rooms, which use shared resources, are provided to individuals.

In the case of VPS hosting, it is a Virtual Private Server created with virtualization. VPS hosting is one of the most popular hosting services available as it works like a dedicated host, except that it’s much more affordable as it uses virtual supplies.

Some hosting service providers allow you to buy anonymous web hosting with bitcoin, as well as shared hostings and dedicated server companies.

Pros and cons of shared hosting

For individuals who tend to use shared hosting, the most important advantage is the prices. The low costs are what draw people to buy this hosting. Furthermore, you do not need much technical details to handle your website, as the provider is the one responsible for solving any potential issues. You can also have multiple emails in addition to what you own on your domain. Another advantage is that you are not limited to one data center, you can take advantage of using more than one source.

However, there are also disadvantages, the most important of which is low security. Due to operating a large number of businesses on one server, hackers may penetrate your website more easily. So lower security is the main concern. In addition, you cannot install more software or apps as you are only limited to what is pre-installed by the provider. Because so many people are using shared resources of the host, low speed during peak hours is what is expected. Although customer support is an important issue, your expectations may not be fully met.

Pros and cons of dedicated hosting servers

Dedicated hosting servers also have their advantages and disadvantages. As the first and foremost benefit, you will experience faster speeds that can handle the higher traffic arriving at your site. You have full control over your server and can install any software you need. In addition, website resources are not limited to shared hosting and you can have more storage to use. More importantly, you are probably secure from hackers as you are the only one working on the server and controlling your security holes.

However, you have to pay more costs, and as everything is under your control, you need to have good technical knowledge and be able to handle potential concerns yourself in case small problems happen.

Pros and cons of Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server is one of the most popular hosting options. Since they are assembled using virtualization techniques, they are more affordable, but at the same time, provide you with all the features of a dedicated server. They are extremely powerful, and given that they are virtual, you can find different options on the internet to fit your needs. In other words, there is more variety to choose among. Another feature of VPS is that you can upgrade it efficiently. Also, you can buy VPS with crypto as an option that is always on the table.

However, VPS is not as efficient as a dedicated server, and sometimes its speed may not be sufficient.

What values does anonymous web hosting bring to the table?

  1. Anonymous web hosting brings you as close to complete online anonymity as possible. The values anonymous web hosting brings to the table include:
  2. Allowing you to register with a pseudonym. When it comes to anonymous hosting, you don’t have to provide your real identification data.
  3. To register a domain name, you do not have to provide a real postal address.
  4. Some providers offer extreme privacy with protected crypto transactions; which means it is possible to buy VPS with Bitcoin and other privacy coins like Monero and ZCash, protecting you from being tracked through bank information.
  5. Most providers offer WHOIS privacy protection, which can protect your data in the WHOIS records from unauthorized people.

Important tips for buying anonymous web hosting

In order to maintain your security, there are some tips that you need to mention before buying a VPS:


Using VPN, you can secure your network and prevent your information from being leaked when you buy VPS or any other type of hosting service. It makes all your online communications look like jumbled text and characters to anyone who can find a way to intercept them.

Private WHOIS information

WHOIS is a protocol for querying databases that store the registered users or assignees of an Internet resource. Others can search through it to find the domain owner’s information.

It is necessary to change your WHOIS setting to keep your purchased domain information safe. However, many companies providing Anonymous Hosting offer this feature to prevent the disclosure of the domain information after you buy VPS with crypto.

Pay with cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has significantly opened up its place in online trading in recent years. Buy a VPS with btc or other types of cryptocurrencies, to keep your personal data intractable. To buy a virtual private server with bitcoin, you need to choose a supplier that accepts this type of trading (fortunately, some anonymous web hosting companies provide this kind of services). 


Anonymous web hosting helps you keep your information confidential and operate anonymously. If you care about your privacy and anonymity, buying a VPS with btc or other private coins may be your best option to keep your personal information untraceable.


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