A Guide To Choosing The Right Quad Bike


Those who have not ridden a powerful quad, haven’t lived and those who have are hopelessly addicted to the rush of quad riding. You already have a lot of experience on two wheels and if you are a car driver, you’re good to go licence-wise. If you are ready to make a purchase, here are a few tips to make sure you end up with the right quad.

Young Adult

We recommend a 400-500cc model, which has adequate power for a novice and a host of safety features. Power output is governed down, so you’ll never be able to put the engine under pressure. Once you have a few years’ experience under your belt, you can upgrade to a 1000cc machine. Buying a used quad for your first experience makes sense and with affordable finance, you start a new chapter in your life.

Define Your Needs

If it’s recreational, there is a diverse range of single-rider sport quads, but if you need a workhorse, there are more durable models. Adult quads start at around 460cc, which is more than enough for a beginner. A few years would see you upgrade to a 1000cc model. If you only want to slowly ramble on trails, performance isn’t important and off-road riding is popular. When you’re ready to get your vehicle, one place to start would be the quad bike shops UK buyers go for, as they have a great range of bikes and quads, plus they have all the gear and some cool add-ons. For those outside the UK, a quick online search would lead you to a reputable dealer in your location. 

Road Use

If you are planning to ride your quad from A to B, it will need to be registered with the DVLA, taxed and have at least 3rd party insurance. If the quad is 3 years or older, it needs a valid MOT. Lots of riders use their quad in the summer months, while a few die-hards are out all year round. This enables you to ride to great quad venues, where you can test your skills on graded routes. Give your vehicle a jet wash, and you can ride home.

Off Road

If you have no desire to ride your quad on the roads, you should be looking at off-road machines, which do not have to be insured. With a trailer, you can take your quad to venues all over the country (there are many), or if you have a second home in the countryside, you can use the quad to get around the property. You might prefer to buy a used quad as a starter, then upgrade in a couple of years. When ready, the dealership will give you a great part-exchange deal and you can enjoy a premier machine with some real power! Browse online to get an idea of different makes and models.

Whatever your quad needs, search online for the leading quad dealer and browse the machines. Yamaha are generally regarded as the best make and they have a sport series with off road and street legal quads. Check with the government regarding licence requirements for road riding and then you can start looking at machines.


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