Rabbit Hutch Plans

Rabbit Hutch Plans


The best feeling in this world is none other than the feeling of affection. Most of the time, this feeling is the one we find in pet owners. This is why rabbit hutch plans are the trending topic on the internet.

Now you might be thinking about what both things have to do with each other. So let us tell you that the people who own pets try to make sure that they leave no stone unturned to ensure that they provide the pets with the best accommodation and food and show them affection.

Rabbits are also kept as pets in houses. Since keeping them is not an easy job. Therefore, we must go for certain special accommodations that are comfortable for the pets and easy to maintain for the owners.

Innovative Rabbit Hutch Plans that you have never seen before

If we go through some of the frequently utilized rabbit hutches, then the number is quite high. Still, we have managed to shortlist the few that are considered to be the best. Below we have mentioned the details for the enhancement of your knowledge:

1.      Outdoor Hutches 

a.      The DIY hutches

This might be the simplest rabbit hutch on the planet. Since its design is extremely easy to build and the simple design does not require some extraordinary materials for fulfillment. Thus the feasibility and durability are extremely high.

The high legs make sure that the rabbits are safe from predators. Also, the wires installed on the sides of the cage allow you to keep an eye on the rabbits and offer a view to the rabbits too. It also offers ventilation and ease of material movement.

The special places are marked for waterer and feeder. The special rabbit hole should also be installed so that the rabbits can feel safe while laying babies

b.     The multi-cage hutches

If you are planning to go for an increased number of rabbits, then you will need a huge cage to accommodate them all. Only the multi-cage hutch can stand true to your expectations.

Although this type of cage offers the view as a single entity, the cage is sectioned in reality. The multi-cages allow you to keep your rabbits safe. Also, it allows you to keep a couple of rabbits or rabbits of different breeds separate.

c.      The metallic wire hutches

In the past and the modern days, rabbit hutches made out of solid metallic wires have been in use. If you want to go for a hutch for functionality, then this hutch is the perfect solution for you.

If we talk about the benefits of this cage, then the very first thing on the list would be easy maintenance. Also, these hutches are extremely easy to clean. If you are worried about predators, then they do not stand a chance because they cannot chew the metallic wires.

d.     The budget-friendly PVC hutches

In modern times the usage of PVC products has increased subsequently. The rabbit hutches carved from PVC are the best ones in town. Also, if we talk about the functioning capability, you can keep all of your rabbits in a single place due to their huge sizes. Plus, the budget-friendly nature of the PVC hutches makes them easy to acquire.

Although they are quite beneficial, there are still certain drawbacks associated with them. The details tell us that these hutches do not have rabbit holes or tunnels; therefore, they are advised to be put in the shade.

e.      A-Frame hutches

The A-frame hutches have also been trending for quite some time. The details help us understand that the hutch is kept at height with the help of the long legs. Also, the upper part of the hutch is triangular with a base of wire mesh and sides of wire for easy ventilation.

Also, a rabbit hole is inserted for the comfort of your pets. If you intend to separate the rabbits, this is the design you should look up to. Also, these designs allow you to easily extract the rabbits.

f.       Small PVC cages

Although we have witnessed that there are huge PVC hutches, sometimes you might come across enough PVC hutches to house only a couple of rabbits. If you are not intending to keep many rabbits and are looking for a budget-friendly solution, then the only thing that can stand true to your demands is the PVC rabbit hutch. Although they are not completely built from because they use wooden or metallic legs to keep them at height. The upper frame is made from PVC.

2.      Indoor Hutches

a.      Floored hutches 

Most of the time, the rabbits are kept outside the house, but sometimes, when the space is not enough, we might find them indoors. But keeping rabbits inside the houses requires special hutches. The details help us understand that these are multi-floored hutches with passages for the movement of the rabbits. What makes these hutches so special is their interior-friendly design. However, they are perfect for keeping multi rabbits. But they can also be used for bunny storage.

b.     The dresser hutches

People who want to raise rabbits in indoor spaces surely come up with unique ideas. One of them includes the indoor dresser hutch. All you need to do in this type of hutch is bring out your old dresser and convert it into a hutch. This is easy and budget-friendly, fulfilling all your desires. Sometimes a few drawers are also kept making sure that the rabbit supplies are placed in there.


Rabbit hutch plans are important to scrutinize if you want the perfect accommodation for these lovely pets. Once you go through the options mentioned above, only then will you be able to house your rabbits easily in a place offering comfort and ease of living.


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