How to Remove Unwanted Hair At Home with Toothpaste


Hair is something nearly everyone has on some place or places on their bodies. However, sometimes there is hair in places we don’t want it to be and we want an effective and efficient way to remove it. Of course, there is shaving, plucking, waxing and electrolysis, but did you know you could get rid of unwanted hair using toothpaste!

How to use toothpaste to get rid of unwanted hair

Yes, it is true. You can use any kind and any brand of toothpaste to remove hair in unwanted areas. You need the following ingredients:

  • 1T toothpaste
  • 1T sugar (brown is best)
  • ½ T lemon juice

Step 1 – Then, take those ingredients and mix together until you have a nice paste.

Step 2- Get a brush or just use your fingers, and take some and rub it into the are you want to remove hair. Rub upwards and make sure to cover the whole area. Rub it for five minutes to make sure to get it all in there.

Step 3 – Then, leave it on there for at least five minutes more.

Step 4- Then rinse off, and the unwanted hair should go along with the rinse water.

Ways toothpaste could harm the skin

One thing to note, however, is that toothpaste is actually a skin irritant. It was developed to clean your teeth, not remove hair from skin. So, for those of you with sensitive skin it is likely not the best choice for using it to get rid of unwanted hair.

Additionally, there is alcohol as well as hydrogen peroxide in some brands of toothpaste, and these two ingredients dry out the skin.

Selecting other options to get rid of hair

If you decide not to use toothpaste to remove hair, there is a highly rated and better way to do it via the Homiley At home IPL Hair Removal Handset. It can be used all over the body and there are no bad side effects to worry about.

Many dermatologists have also approved this device, which shows your skin will be safe from harm if you use it to get rid of unwanted hair.

A quick 10-minute job with the Homiley IPL Hair Removal device over the area you want to get rid of the hair, and it is also safe for usage on more sensitive places such as your face, underarms, and pubic region.

Why ought you to use the Homiley IPL tool vice toothpaste?

One thing is for sure, toothpaste won’t keep the hair away for long, and the Homiley Silky Skin IPL Hair Removal Device stops hair growth for as long as 6 months. Plus, the skin will get a nice glow after you use it 4 or 5 times.

IPL pros:

  • No more razor cuts
  • No more shaving bumps
  • No more waxing pain, and best of all
  • Soft, hairless, smooth skin.


When it comes down to it, you can pick whether to use toothpaste or the IPL Homiley Hair Removal Handset device, but you need to look over the pros and cons of these methods and pick whatever works best for your situation. It is also a great idea to get some advice from a dermatologist.

Frequently Ask Questions

If I use toothpaste to get rid of hair, will it damage my skin?

Yes, it is quite possible it can irritate the skin since it sometimes contains alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, which dries the skin. The IPL device however, doesn’t dry the skin and actually makes it soft, glowing, and healthy.

Is hair removal permanent with toothpaste?

No, toothpaste hair removal treatment is not permanent. However, with the IPL device you will get as long as six months free of unwanted hair.

How long does toothpaste have to work to get rid of hair?

You must leave the toothpaste mixture on the unwanted hair at least 10 minutes, which consists of rubbing it in for 5 minutes, and leaving it set for 5 minutes before rinsing it off.


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