How to deal with employment litigation?


The world economy depends on trades generated by the presence of various industries. These industries are supported by the working infrastructure backed up by the employer and the employees. These relations, at times, can turn out to be a lot sour than they appear. Employees might feel discomfort or discrimination because of an unsafe workplace environment, as well as disputes in the wage distribution. Matters of similar interests can be resolved with talks between the disputed parties before taking a step toward the courtroom. But if not, then the employee can opt to commence litigation against their employer. Wish to know more? You can refer to

A few reasons that can lead to an employee suing their employer are:

  1. Wrongful decisions
  2. Violation of their basic human rights
  3. Disregarded claims for damages.

Now, what do these all mean?

Wrongful decisions: An employer can feel the need to release an employer from their workplace if they notice incompetence in their work effort. But terminating the contract without providing sufficient reasons and prior notice is a crime, and an employee can go on to sue their employer for damages.

Human rights violation: Violation of human rights include harassment faced by any employee based on their caste, religion, disability, marital status, and even sex. This can cause disputes in the allocation of wages between the employees. They can demand larger monetary compensation as well as non-monetary compensation, such as an apology.

Disregard claims for damages: An employee can file their litigation process based on how they faced the process of termination. Their wrongful dismissal can be followed by moral and punitive damages. 

An employee can also opt to file a claim for any of the following faults:

  1. Breach
  2. Defamation 
  3. Mental distress
  4. Personal injury (also includes sexual assault)
  5. Malicious Prosecution 

Should I appoint a lawyer?

Indeed, you should do so. The presence of an experienced employment lawyer will help you execute your lawsuit with a proper legal stance in the courtroom. They will provide documentation of facts and evidence to make you available with compensation for your losses.


Disputes resulting because of miscommunication between two parties can be resolved by meetings and discussions. But if not, you should never be frightened because of the sheer stature of the company or your employer, and take ground for your legal rights. The presence of an attorney can help you with the legal aspect of such matters.


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