John Lee Bottom

John Lee Bottom

Who is John Lee Bottom, and what is his cause of death? John Lee Bottom, sometimes known as John Phoenix, was born in 1947 and became famous as the father of River Phoenix, a late actor, singer, and Oscar-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix. He and his wife belonged to a religious group called The Children of God.

Childhood and Education

In 1947, John Lee Bottom was born in an American city, where he later grew up to become a famous parent. Robert Merrill Bottom, his father, and Beulah Ingram, his mother, were his parents. When he was younger, his parents took care of him. Even though his academic history has not been made public, it is believed he graduated from high school.


John Lee Bottom was a well-known celebrity dad, although nothing is known about his professional background. His fame came from his kids, though. Alongside his brother River Phoenix, his son Joaquin Phoenix made his acting debut in early 1980s television programs. His first notable film roles came in the 1986 movies Parenthood and SpaceCamp (1989). At this time, he went by the moniker Leaf Phoenix, which he gave himself.

He took back his birth name in the early 1990s, and his supporting roles in the comedy To Die For (1995) and Quills earned him plaudits (1993).

Phoenix received more plaudits from critics for his portrayal of Commodus in the historical drama Gladiator, leading to his nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor (2000).

Since he was three years old, Joaquin Phoenix has often donated to charities and produced documentaries about the world’s meat consumption and environmental impacts. He is in a relationship with actress Rooney Mara, with whom he has a son.

John Lee Bottom’s earnings

Celebrity father John Lee Bottom was. The estimated net worth of his son Joaquin Phoenix is $50 million.

Individual Life

He was a husband and a father. He had a union with Arlyn Phoenix. The pair first met in California, following which they began dating. On September 13, 1969, they were wed. After their wedding, they went on the road as missionaries, spreading the word of “The Children of God” in Mexico, South America, and other American states.

For a brief period, the couple used the biblical names Jochebeb (Arlyn) and Amram (John). For a while, their marriage was going wonderfully. In 1997, the couple decided to get a divorce. They were married for 27 years before filing for divorce. The reason for the divorce is unclear. Later, in 2001, his ex-wife wed Jeffrey Weisberg.

Later in life, following the divorce from his wife, he was diagnosed with cancer. He fought the illness for several years. Cancer claimed his life in 2015 when he was 68 years old.

His Marriage and Participation in a Missionary Organization

He was a father and a husband. His wife, Arlyn Phoenix, developed into him. The two first connected in California. Following that, the couple decided to be hitched, and they did so on September 13, 1969. After getting married, the pair changed their identities to Jochebeb (Arlyn) and Amram from the Bible. They traveled as missionaries to Mexico, South America, and various parts of the US, teaching the message of “The Kids of God.”

Later, they discovered that the teams encouraged both group and individual sexual activity. Additionally, River, their son, had early sexual abuse in that group. At the time, their 4 children had already been born. They left the spiritual cult and relocated to the US once more with their children. Their home base was Winterpark, Florida. They formally changed their last name to Phoenix after that.

His first child’s birth and his girlfriend

Before he married Arlyn, he had a relationship with another woman. The identity of his lover is still unknown. The couple gave birth to a daughter named Jodean Backside. After a few years, a close buddy informed his family about his daughter’s existence. After learning more about her, his son River found her and took full responsibility for her and her daughter. She is six years older than River. She can cradle her newborn daughter in the upper right corner of the image above.

Their first kid passed away.

Rain Phoenix was his eldest child. This name knows as River Phoenix. Jude Phoenix was an actor and musician. He and his younger siblings used to perform singing and dancing on the road for money. John started performing when he was young.

He has appeared in many films and television shows, including Stand by Me, Working in Empty, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Family Ties, and many others.

Around 23, he was fatally shot outside the nightclub “The Viper Room” on October 31, 1993, at one in the morning. He had performed at that membership that evening. His excessive use of heroin and cocaine contributed to his death. Samantha, his fiance, was present as he died, as were his brother Joaquin and sister Rain.

Separated from Arlyn

Their marriage was thriving for a very long period. The couple decided to divorce in 1997. The marriage lasted 27 years before they were divorced. The cause of the divorce is still a mystery. John’s ex-wife wed Jeffrey Weisberg in 2001. His job title is the producer.

His passing and the explanation for it

After divorcing his wife, he hid out in the shadows. He had cancer later in life and fought it for a while. He passed away in the year 2015 at the age of 68. A majority of malignancies caused his death.

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John Lee Internet Backside Price 2022

His financial worth and earnings are not public. Each of his children has achieved great success in their fields. He commands a high internet cost for his son Joaquin Phoenix. As of 2022, the online price for John Lee Backside is $50 million. He also earns that much money from his acting career. As a result of his tireless efforts and commitment to his business, his fortune is significantly increasing. He got the Oscar for best actor in the Joker category. He had previously received two nominations for the prize in the same class. It was all about John Lee Bottom and his life!


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