What is a day room?


You go out for a day in a big city. This means lots of luggage that’s necessary for the journey, but once you’ve arrived, is more of a sabotage than a help. Do you recognize this? A day room is the perfect solution! In this blog, we’ll introduce you to Getadayroom.com/en/: the best there is when it comes to day rooms.

Why would I use a day room?

A day room doesn’t need much explanation: it’s a hotel room that you don’t use overnight, but during the day. This might sound a bit weird at first, but it’s actually more convenient than you’d originally think. When you have access, the following possibilities all of the sudden are within hand reach!

  • Leave your luggage! When exploring a city, you want to have all the space in the world. When carrying many bags, this is quite hard to achieve. A day room gives you a safe space to leave your bags in, allowing you to explore the smallest alleyways you can find!
  • Freshen up! Are you planning to go out during the night? You can’t enjoy this night without a good shower before! A day room has all the sources a regular hotel room has, which gives you the opportunity to get dressed and freshen up exactly the way you want.
  • Recharge your batteries! Exploring a city can be very tiring. Sometimes a nap is exactly what you need. When you have access to a day room, you can do just this. Make sure to set an alarm, because if you’re not staying over the night, you don’t have all the time of the world to explore.

Can I stay during the night too?

Yes, you can! If you really like the city you’re staying in, or especially the day room, it is possible to stay for the night as well. This makes your day room nothing but a normal hotel room, really offering you all the benefits you’re used to. Of course, the staff of Getadayroom does like to know this on forehand, so that they can give you the perfect experience in your day room.

Book it now!

Are you curious for a day room, or was this already exactly what you were looking for? Go to the website of Getadayroom and offer yourself all the freedom needed to truly explore a city!


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