Top 10 questions to ask a roofing contractor


Without a shelter, will we have ever been happy? The answer is simple, and it is a no. And that is why a house with a proper roof is one of the most important things to consider. When a roof is damaged, do you know how many difficulties we must overcome? That is why it is always important to consider the best roofing company. 

Well, these days, some people prefer to go with the DIY method to fix their roofs, but to be honest, DIY is of no help. And if you dont have expertise in this field, then it is better to leave the task to the experts. It is dangerous as a task and needs to have the best finish to last long in the future. 

Choosing the best company can always be a hectic and challenging task. But then, there is indeed a shortcut to it. And what is that? There are certain questions that you need to ask a roofing company before hiring them. You might not know which are those questions, and that is why here in this article, we are providing you with a list of questions. Let us see what they are. 

Questions you should ask a roofing contractor

These questions will help you with what to ask when hiring the best roofing contractor. 

Question # 1: How much experience do you have? 

We often end up getting our work done by amateurs and then suffer later. But, it is just a waste of time and money. So, why get your job done by an amateur? It would be best if you always looked for experienced roofers. Therefore, the first question you should ask the contractor is their experience. With experience comes quality work, and that is what you would need.  

Question # 2: Will my new roof be durable and long-lasting? 

At the end of the day, what seems to annoy you the most is will the work be up to the mark or not. In case the new roof you got is not going to be long-lasting, what is the use of roof replacements? On a general note, installation of new roofs lasts for fifty years if maintained properly, depending on the material. 

Therefore, when you ask this question, your contractor will at least be able to answer your question, so watch out for the answer your contractor will give you. Moreover, their response also proves how confident they are about their work. 

Question # 3: What about the materials? 

Speaking of materials, it is essential to know the types of materials used for your roof to give it a long-lasting effect. Different regions have different climates, so the new roof of your house must be according to the climate. Therefore, it is essential to know this answer. 

Question # 4: Are warranties offered? 

When you are investing in your roof, it is definitely going to cost you a lot of money. So, will you want it to go in vain? Not really. So, you need to know about the different warranties offered by the roofing company and the period for it. 

Question # 5: How will I be updated?

When a roofing company is working for you, you need to keep an update of everything. You need to possess knowledge of everything, their process of work, and their progress. This is important as only then can you be vocal and have an effective conversation with the team. 

Question # 6: Ask about the time period of the project 

Generally, roofing projects dont take much time. It needs very compact timing. If unfortunate incidents dont occur, then in the process, no roof might get damaged or so. Or else, in that case, the time that is to be taken for roofing can increase. So, it is always better to talk to the team accordingly. 

Question # 7: Will the company be able to remove the old roof? 

Sometimes, roofing contractors dont offer to remove the old roof, as it is not only a hectic job but also involves a lot of danger. What they do is they just put a second layer of shingles over the first one. So, if you want a complete replacement, talk to your contractor accordingly. If the company doesnt provide you with your needed services, maybe it is time. You should look for someone else. 

Question # 8: Is your company licensed? 

It is very important to get your job done by a licensed company, which is why it is one of the most important questions you should ask the roofing company. It is of utmost importance for the roofing company that you choose to be licensed, bonded, and adequately insured. This will provide you with the security of the work done. 

Question # 9: Do they have proper contact services? 

The company that you will approach will likely have working contact services. This is important because if they wont have any contact services, how are you supposed to contact them if any emergency occurs? So, while hiring a roofing company, make sure they tick off this question. 

Question # 10: Will they provide me with a written document? 

Do you know the essence of written estimates? This is a signed written document kept as proof that the company is working for you with commitment. In it, the time duration of the project and the estimated amount you are liable to pay will be written along with every other detail, such as about the materials and all. 

In simple words, you can say that it will act as a safeguard both on the part of the company and you so that later no quarrel can occur. 


Knowing what to ask a roofing company before hiring them will not only result in good-quality work but will give you satisfaction. And if you want someone for the job, then do not hesitate to contact Blue Angel Roofing and General Contractors, as it has been heard that they are the best!


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