The Most Creative Ways to Transform Your Unused Space in Spring, TX

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Part of being a homeowner is maintaining the functionality of the home. Over the years, our needs will change. We’ll accumulate more stuff or get tired of the same layout. There are many reasons why homeowners want to transform their homes. 

For those who want to sell a home quickly in Spring, Texas and increase the value when it’s time for the home appraisal, your agent will tell you how to spruce up your home to make the biggest impact. However, they might suggest staging if you have a lot of unused space. That’s fine and well, but that isn’t going to increase the value – at least not by much. 

Here are a few ways to transform the unused space in and around your home so buyers will fall in love with it. 

Add outdoor living areas

There’s nothing like spending time outdoors, even in Texas. Buyers are keen on properties with nice outdoor living spaces, be it a patio, a deck, or an outdoor kitchen. These features can be as simple as a concrete slab patio or an elaborate custom-built composite deck. If your property has an outdoor living space, it easily boosts property value.

Use your ceiling

The ceiling is one of the spaces that homeowners rarely pay attention to because, well, who looks at the ceiling anyway? You can use the ceiling to make your home feel more modern and connected. For example, you can install built-in speakers to create an environment perfect for entertaining (or listening to podcasts when cleaning!).

With a “clean line” aesthetic, you can install recessed lighting to brighten dark rooms and hallways without light fixtures dangling from the ceiling. You can add shelving hanging from the ceiling in the laundry room or pantry to free up floor space without sacrificing storage. 

Storage under the stairs

The space under the stairs isn’t just a place for young wizards! You can use the space as an office nook, a reading nook, additional storage, or a special place for Fido. For inspiration, be sure to check out Pinterest!

Finishing the basement

A finished basement is a huge draw for buyers. It’s like you’re doubling the square footage of your home, but you can determine how the space is used. You could put up walls to section off separate uses (a guest room, a home office, a bathroom, and a playroom) or leave it as an open floor plan. Both options are popular among Texan buyers.

Consider built-ins and other storage solutions

No matter how large your home is, you can never go wrong with more storage space. You can add shelving under the joists of the attic, garage, or basement (if you don’t want to finish it). You can build shelves or drawers directly into the wall in between the studs. You can hang shelves anywhere there’s free space! Don’t go overboard with the shelves because they could look tacky quickly.

If you want more inspiration or insight about what you can do to make your home appeal to buyers and how to increase its value, you should ask your real estate agent.


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