How Much Time is Required to Tile a Bathroom?


You may create something long-lasting, attractive, and sturdy by tiling a bathroom. Additionally, it is a great method to raise the value of your home. Although this technique is more expensive and time-consuming than installing other floor coverings, the ultimate effect is worthy.

Tile floor installation can be done as a do-it-yourself job or by employing a professional tiler, depending on the most economical method. Bathroom tiling may be done in a fraction of the time you would anticipate with a few tips and some confidence.

An Approximation of the Time Needed to Tile a Bathroom

When it comes to tiling a bathroom, there are several factors to take into account. This makes it a bit difficult to estimate how long it will take to install tile flooring.

The time needed to install ceramic tiles should be roughly the same whether they are expensive or inexpensive. A bathroom may typically be done in 4-6 weeks, although it may take longer if the materials are imported or specially made.

It would be a terrific idea to tile the bathroom over the weekend. The installation of tile flooring in a bathroom will take a competent tiler between 6 and 8 hours. An average DIY project will take 11 to 16 hours to complete.

Additionally, you’ll need an hour for preparation on each project and an hour for layout on each work. Additionally, allocate one hour for cleaning and grouting each square foot. Don’t forget to wait at least 24 hours before grouting after installation.

This rule of thumb should help you determine how long it will take to tile your floor with accuracy. Your bathroom’s tile installation time may vary depending on a variety of factors, which we shall examine below.

Factors That Affect How Long Bathroom Tile Installation Takes

We’ll examine the numerous elements that affect how long tiling a bathroom floor takes. Among other things, we’ll take into account everything from the size of your bathroom to the size of the tiles.

DIY vs. Professional Tiller

The easiest way to install tile in your bathroom is to hire a professional tiler. Although it isn’t the most affordable choice, this is a terrific time-saving strategy. Professionals can tile your bathroom floor in as little as 6 to 8 hours. Hiring an expert will be expensive.

Professional tilers bill their clients between €41 and €111 per hour. But the majority of this price goes toward outside tiling. Your bathroom will be tiled for between €41 and €61 per hour by a tiler. At €11–€21 per square foot, the tiling project will be significantly more expensive.

Even while hiring a professional will save you time, doing the task yourself will save you money. To achieve this, you don’t need to be an expert in house remodelling bathrooms. If you have a few different pieces of equipment and an open weekend, you can finish the project for less than half of what it would cost to hire a specialist.

The installation of the tiles and completion of the tiling task will take between 11 and 16 hours. 2022’s “modern bathrooms”

Conclusion: Your initial tile job will almost probably take the longest. You can discover your rhythm and correct any errors in your technique by practising.

How big is your bathroom?

Naturally, tiling a large bathroom will require more time than just installing tiles. Let’s start with an example from a typical restroom.

Assume that the dimensions of your bathroom are 2 m x 1.7 m x 2.4 m. Another presumption is that the size of your windows and doors is standard. Using tiles that are 411×251 in size will take two to three days.

Let’s now examine the overall layout of the installation procedure. On the first day, try to install the tiles on the walls. Windows, grouting, and bottom tiling may all be completed the next day.

Therefore, in a bathroom this size, you’ll do the job in around three days. 2022’s “modern bathrooms”

Dimensions of Bathroom Tiles

The size of the tiles you intend to utilise is one item to consider. Larger tiles will cover greater space, necessitating the installation of fewer tiles overall. The installation procedure will go more quickly if larger tiles are used.

It’s a good idea to measure your tiles in relation to your floor as well. If you can find tiles that fit perfectly, you won’t need to trim tiles for more difficult areas. The process of tiling a room with an uneven form will take significantly longer. (2000) (Hunker).

The layout of the tiles should also be taken into consideration. Although diagonal tiling is stylish and inviting, it will eventually cause your job to take longer. The time it will take to install the tile and finish the project will increase.

Getting Ready and Curing

If the bathroom floor is not perfectly flat, tiles will crack and improperly adhere. To level off your floor and conceal protrusions from any raised seams or nails, you might need to add a layer of backer-board. After you’ve completed tiling, wait around 24 hours before walking on it. Don’t forget to factor this time into your installation budget.

Cleaning and Grouting

To hold the tiles in place once you have installed them, grouting should be used. If your tiles are little or have an unusual form, this procedure could take a while. Apply a sealer 48–72 hours after grout application to ensure that it is totally dry.

After grouting, you may remove any excess grout with soapy water. As it frequently requires numerous washings to completely remove all of the additional grout, this might take some time. 2022’s “modern bathrooms”

Before stepping on the grout, give it at least three days to cure.

This encourages the proper curing of tile glue. Additionally, it prevents expensive and time-consuming rework because of cracked or misplaced tiles.

When will you tile your bathroom?

Through reading this post, we hope you now have a better understanding of how long it takes to tile a bathroom. An experienced tiler will often finish the job faster. Similar to this, you’ll spend less time tiling a tiny bathroom.

Visit if you need expert tiler services and you’re in Dublin. Our crew has experience remodelling bathrooms, so we can guarantee that your tile flooring is installed as soon as possible.


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