7 Best Websites to buy Art


The world has gone digital, and now you can order food, furniture, clothes, and more from the comfort of your couch.

The art world has also digitized, which is why today we’re going to tell you about the best places where you can buy paintings by artists from around the world just by using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. We present to you the 7 best marketplaces to buy art.


Singulart is a young but fast-growing gallery with over 50,000 original works of art. For a gallery that has been in existence since 2017, this is a great result, and you can be assured of a variety of products.

This gallery prides itself on the fact that 49% of its production is the work of female artists, as most museums and galleries in the world only feature male artists.


What makes Society6 a great place to buy artwork is the low prices. For less than $50 you get the opportunity to customize your life with unique products and designs that speak to you.

Socety6 is an affordable gallery for those who aren’t willing to spend a huge amount of money. This website is suitable for those who like to buy art not for the long term, but rather for fun or a change of mood in the house. 


It’s not just paintings and posters you can buy on this site. The platform emphasizes printing on clothing, accessories and many other items such as towels, cups and so on.

Printful is a great choice if you decide to add color to your everyday items and diversify your daily tasks, such as getting a coffee, making breakfast or taking a shower.


ArtFinder has about 200,000 works and provides buyers with a wide range of art. It also has a great service for interior designers purchasing art for their clients. But it is also a great site for anyone wondering where your money is going.

ArtFinder donates a huge portion of its profits to conservation, which is why it is the greenest gallery on this list. If you want to buy a piece of art and contribute to conservation, ArtFinder is your choice. 


One of the largest marketplaces with a huge selection of goods for art lovers, from oil paintings to sculptures. Of course, prices for some items can be very high, but you can be sure you’re buying quality work.

Another advantage of Saatchi is personalization. Based on your tastes, you will be recommended works that you are sure to like. However, while this approach can be useful for quickly finding interesting work, it can also interfere with the diversity of your feed.


Etsy is considered one of the best art markets in the world. It’s another site where you can buy not only paintings, but also decor and interior items, and even jewelry and unique handcrafted pieces.

Etsy curators constantly monitor trends in the art world and offer the freshest work to buyers. Searching can be difficult at first because of the sheer number of items, but filtering your search by color or editorial picks can help with that. 

1.«José Art Gallery»

 Probably the best of all art galleries online out there simply because of its dedication to the art.

 As the world’s largest online gallery, José Art provides access to an incredible amount of original work by artists from around the world. This international gallery also provides multilingual support to its customers, because it targets different markets such as U.S., Europe and Asia to make art more accessible in our world.

  As it is not only a gallery but also a social network for artists to promote their work, the José Art gallery database is constantly updated with new names and works.

 Focusing directly on painting, the gallery offers a wide range of styles that are sure to interest you.


There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of marketplaces that provide different services depending on the preferences of buyers. However, we have tried to highlight the most unique, reliable, convenient, and accessible websites where everyone will find exactly what they need.

Decide exactly what you want to see in your home and choose something you really like. Whether it’s a towel with a print of Spider-Man or a huge canvas in the Post-Impressionist style.



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