Where Was the Chair Filmed – All to Know About the Series

Where Was the Chair Filmed - All to Know About the Series

It’s been a here since Netflix released a comedy-drama series that shows us a fundamental aspect of feminism and the responsibilities of women in modern society. People loved it so much that they want to know where was The Chair filmed.

Although it’s not new, people loved how the series explained it. The series has comedy, drama, romance, responsibilities, and setbacks.

Another eye-catching thing that people love is locations. The series shows the unique architecture, real students, and great backgrounds that most people ask where was The Chair filmed?

Moreover, the series was released quite a time back in 2021, but still, people search about it online because it is entertaining and got a 7.2-star rating on IMDB.

We found that most people were searching for similar questions about the series. We collected all those questions and created this article to help you with every relevant detail related to Netflix’s hit ‘The Chair.’

Also, we included where was The Chair filmed? Why were those locations chosen? Any many other unknown details about the movie. Read till the end, and you won’t have many questions left in your mind.

Where Was the Chair Filmed - All to Know About the Series

What is ‘The Chair’ about?

The Chair series revolves around the life story of our main character Dr Ji-Yoon Kim (Sandra Oh, a Canadian-American actress). She plays the role of a single parent who got an opportunity to work in a reputed university as a Chair.

Later she founds out that she is the first female Chairperson the university has ever seen. The people on the downline have no experience taking orders from a woman, so she faces many problems.

Dr Ji-Yoon Kim doesn’t want to love anyone because of her experience. Still, somehow, she finds herself attracted to professor Bill Dobson (Jay Duplass), who teaches at the same university. Later, they fall in love, marry each other and take care of the child.

The series includes many comedy and emotional scenes that keeps you entertained throughout. Also, they have scenes depicting feminism where you see Dr Ji-Yoon Kim struggling to make her place on the board as subordinates don’t like a female boss.

The series shows us a real-life situation that women face in modern society and how difficult it gets to handle a baby, love life, home, and office. It also shows how our main character takes everything with ease.

There is a lot to learn from this series; plus, it will entertain you simultaneously.

Where was The Chair filmed?

As the storyline includes a chairperson of the university and professors, the location has to be a university. The producers wanted the right background that matched the story and characters.

We know you are curious to know where was The Chair filmed? So, according to reports, they chose Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and used two schools for the setting: Chatham University’s Shadyside campus and the Washington & Jefferson College.

Yes, the series was shot on two different campuses, and that’s why you can find different colours of the background and open space because the producers used the ground of both campuses.

Is the campus still used for studies?

The people who ask where was Netflix ‘The Chair’ filmed also ask if those campuses are just for shooting or used for studies? We searched and found that those campuses are operational, and numerous students study there.

Even the series used students still studying for cameos and crowd roles. Moreover, the professors shown are college instructors in real life. These aspects make the movie more realistic. It’s not only a fun practice for them but also contributes to the series’ authenticity.

Due to these reasons, directors were able to provide a natural effect on screen that people praise on social media. You can find a series of tweets on Twitter where many people love the backgrounds and locations.

Although it’s always difficult to shoot on a live location because you face many disturbances, their team did it, which became another reason for ‘The Chair’s’ popularity.

What other locations do the series cover?

Besides the university campus, the producers used the Shadyside neighbourhood as a backdrop for filming, and Pittsburgh International Airport also made a few appearances. These locations helped in giving the show a much-needed college-town feel.

The series doesn’t include many exotic locations, and most of the scenes were shot on the college campus itself, but still, it made its way to the top. It shows that sites don’t matter a lot; the story and acting of characters add to the popularity of any movie or series.

What do you think?

Why did producers choose these locations?

Now you know where was The Chair filmed? But do you know why it was filmed on those campuses?

The main reason behind choosing these locations for the shooting was the storyline. As we have seen, the story revolves around professors, college students, university Chairperson, and board members. So, the producers have to include a background that shows classes, students, and other props related to the university.

A university campus is the best place that already has the necessary background. Washington & Jefferson College is slowly becoming a hotspot for shooting movies because they provide a flexible environment to shoot and allow to include their professors and students in the background.

The entire series was shot on those two campuses because it was easy and already had the required props for shooting.

Did other movies also shot at these locations?

Yes, as we have said, Washington and Jefferson College are becoming famous for shooting. You must have seen the same campus in another popular Netflix series, “Mindhunter”. The place particularly suits to shoot such type of series may be why producers return.

Not only the college but the entire town is slowly becoming popular for shooting TV series, especially by Netflix. Recent movies like Sweet Girl, and I Am Not Okay With This had scenes from the same town. Maybe there are many Netflix series yet to be shot in this town.

Maybe many other series or movies will be shot in these locations because we think the producers find the background perfect to show college or university-related dramas.

Star cast of The Chair

The story includes many characters that appear in a few episodes, but some of the main characters you will consist of throughout the series.

Dr Ji Youn

Sandra OH played Dr Ji Youn’s role. She is the main character in the series who plays the excellent part of a single parent, a lonely woman in top management—initially not liked by the people.

The story revolves around Dr Ji Youn and shows how she handles all the difficulties with a smile on her face. She got excellent acting skills.

Bill Dobson

Jay Duplass played Bill Dobson’s role. He was second in the lead and acted as a professor who found himself attracted to Dr Ji Youn. Despite rejections, he doesn’t give up trying and ends up marrying our main character.

He was also responsible for taking care of the child while fulfilling other duties of the husband. He carried the role well, and the comedy scenes were the best.

Ju‑Hee “Ju Ju” Kim

Everly Carganilla played Ju-Hee “Ju Ju” Kim’s role. She acted as a single child who wanted her mother to fall in love again. The trailer shows a few glimpses of her role, from which you can determine that she is a small but significantly mature child who helps her mother in most aspects of her life.

We loved how the child carried her role as performing comedy scenes was a difficult task, but she effortlessly did it.

The story includes many other characters who appear for a while. Like friends, students, professors, and more. Some appear for a few episodes, but the entire series revolves around these three.

Is The Chair a good movie?

We loved the concept the movie portrayed. It shows the problems that women face in the modern world. She had to manage her home, children, love life, and office. It also makes us aware that we all talk about feminism and equal opportunities for women, but it is not in the mainstream yet. People still don’t like women’s orders, especially in higher positions.

The series teaches us many things, but at the same time, it keeps all of us entertained using comedy scenes. Some of the scenes are hilarious that you will laugh your stomach out. Those scenes stuck the viewers to their screens, and some say they watched all six episodes in one go.

Definitely, ‘The Chair” is a good movie and one of its kind. It doesn’t include any rough or incredibly intimate scenes; you can easily watch it with your family.

Where can you watch it?

The Chair is a Netflix exclusive series. You can watch it on Netflix’s official website or mobile app. The series is not available on any other platforms, so don’t waste your time searching. You may find pirated versions, but we don’t recommend you download them as there is always a risk of viruses.

We researched The Chair on other websites and found a series with a similar name on Amazon Prime. It says:

THE CHAIR is a STARZ original filmmaking experiment that follows two first-time directors who are allowed to direct separate films adapted from the same original screenplay.

However, it is not the one we are talking about in this article. Make sure you check Netflix.

How many episodes does The Chair have?

The Chair is a full-length series consisting of six episodes of 40 to 45 minutes each. The first episode builds the story and introduces the main characters, while the next five episodes progress the story with comedy and emotional scenes.

Some users say they find the first two episodes dull and slow, but it gets entertaining in the later episodes. Make sure you don’t leave watching initially, or else you will miss the fun.

Will there be a season two?

No, our resources confirmed that The Chair would not be returning for a second season. Although most people wanted to see more of the comedy-drama the series introduced, sadly, we have to remain satisfied with a single season.

If you watch the series, you will find that the writers haven’t left anything that can progress in the second season. So, it is confirmed that the hit show will not have any other seasons.

Is The Chair based on a true story?

People who ask where was The Chair filmed? Also, speculate about the series being based on a true story. But it’s not.

According to Distractify, the Netflix series is not based on real-life events in any university or college. Instead, the financial, business and social issues of many colleges influenced the creation of the series. It shows that even a liberal university or school deals with sexism, ageism, and conflicts between different teaching methods in modern times.

The Chair is not based on a single true story but multiple true stories.

Final thoughts

Questions like, where was The Chair filmed? Are getting viral because the background the series shows are stunning. That’s why people want to know about the location.

We guess you got your answer as the series was filmed in Pennsylvania using two different schools for the setting. Chatham University’s Shadyside campus and the Washington & Jefferson College.

We find the entire series entertaining, which teaches us a lot about modern society, feminism, and the problems women face. At the same time, it keeps you engaged with the help of comedy scenes. You can watch it with your family.

Moreover, the series was excellent, but sadly, it will not have more seasons. If you are a fan of drama, we recommend watching the series on Netflix. Don’t check it on Amazon. Another series with a similar name ranks there.

Hope now you know all you wanted to about where was The Chair filmed. And all other details related to the series. Still, if you think we missed some details, feel free to ask them in the comments.


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