Ed Orgeron Girlfriend

Ed Orgeron Girlfriend

Who is Ed Orgeron Girlfriend, and what do you know about them? The 61-year-old Edward James Orgeron, better known by his stage name Ed Orgeron, was born on July 27, 1986. He is a native of the American city of Larose, Louisiana. Ed is well known for having a significant impact on the professional careers of many people and serves as the head football trainer at Louisiana State University. During his coaching career, from 2005 to 2007, he held the positions of head coach at the University of Mississippi and interim head coach at the University of Southern California.

The 2019 LSU Tigers football team won the national title and was one of several teams Edward has earned trophies for. A triumph that is still recent in their memories. Let’s know more about Ed Orgeron Girlfriend.

Ed Orgeron Girlfriend

Ed Orgeron, a well-known football coach, is dating Ballie Lauderdale. Ballie was born in 1992; her exact birthday is unknown in the American cities of Louisiana’s Hammond City and California’s California. She is thirty years old right now. They were dating when she was about 28 years old, and Ed Orgeron was approaching 60. Bailie is an American model and businesswoman in fashion. She gained recognition and popularity when she began dating the well-known American coach.You need to learn the tricks of how to be a good lover against all odds, in order to save the precious relationship and take it to new heights from a point of ‘no return’.

The status of Bailie Lauderdale’s relationships

On October 21, 2020, a personal photo posted online brought attention to Bailie and Ed Orgeron’s intimate relationship. A private image of coach Ed in bed with a woman who appeared to be a younger girl to Ed leaked.

For a while, the news was the topic of conversation. Although the young woman in bed with him has not yet been officially identified, it is assumed that she is Bailie Lauderdale. Bailie deleted her social media accounts after the picture was exposed.

Ed Orgeron and Bailie, his girlfriend

Colleen Orgeron and Ed Orgeron were wed; however, their union did not endure, and they later divorced. In 1996, he changed his wife and married Kelly. Tyler and the twins’ Parker and Cody are among Ed’s three wonderful children from his second marriage to Kelly. The couple separated on February 26, 2020.

Social media presence of Bailie Lauderdale

Ballie, Ed Orgeron Girlfriend, used to be highly active on social media, but she closed her account once word of her bedside photo with Ed spread online. Nobody knows why she did that, but it’s possible that she was trying to avoid the controversy surrounding her kissing prominent singer Ed.

She is a well-known model, and Ed, his rumored boyfriend, was already divorced at the time. Nobody is sure how the pictures ended up connected, but in 2021, Ed shared the picture of her with the remark, “I want to thank you to this Future HOF I have coached over my coaching career. Things haven’t gone as I had hoped they would or as the fans had hoped.

Net Worth of Bailie Lauderdale

The boyfriend, Ed Orgeron, earns $9 million a year and has an estimated net worth of over $36 million. In comparison, the American model and fashion entrepreneur have an estimated net worth of $1 million.

The couple’s online profiles

Ed has the handles @Edorgeronthecoach and @edoergeron on Twitter and Instagram, respectively. Since leaking the images showing Baille’s claimed partner in bed, Baille has deactivated her account. That has an unknown cause.

Early Life

Bailie is Ed Orgeron Girlfriend. Bailie Lauderdale was born in 1992. Her birth sign is absent, and her precise birth date is uncertain. She is thirty years old right now. This individual is from Hammond, Louisiana, in the United States. But she is a citizen of the United States.

Lauderdale has not, regrettably, provided any information regarding her familial background. She also likes to take trips, go on vacation, watch movies, read books, and discover new areas.

Why is Bailie Lauderdale so well-known?

Bailie Lauderdale is renowned for her steadfast loyalty to the coaching staff under Ed Orgeron. The man Lauderdale is engaged to be a former football player turned coach named Ed Orgeron. He is well-known for being Louisiana State University’s head coach.

Ed has been the manager since the 2016 campaign. He formerly served as Mississippi State University’s head coach. Bailie is frequently popular as a model. Her business accomplishments in the fashion industry are also well-known.

Individual Life

They became well-known after a personal photo of Bailie Lauderdale and her partner, Orgeron, went viral online. On October 21, 2020, alleged private images of Orgeron in bed with a considerably younger woman were released. According to accounts, the woman’s name is Bailie Lauderdale.

Colleen was Orgeron’s first spouse. With Kelly, his second wife, he has three kids. Sadly, they started the divorce process on February 26, 2020.

Unfortunately, this person doesn’t use any social networking sites. Her accounts appear to be not working as a result for the time being. She has evaded the paparazzi because of the widely shared images of her darmowe spiny and Orgeron.


Bailie Lauderdale is a successful businesswoman, fashion designer, and entrepreneur. However, finding any information on her job or career is difficult. This personality is well-known because of Ed Orgeron’s top half as a soccer coach. She is much younger than Orgeron, but they seem happy together.

Ed Orgeron’s full name is Edward James Orgeron Jr. As an American soccer player and coach, he has played and directed. He was the top soccer coach in the nation at Louisiana State College. Ed served as the University of Mississippi’s head football coach.

He also held the position of University of Southern California’s temporary head coach in 2013. The LSU Tigers also won a national football championship under this coach in 2019. These were the complete details about Ed Orgeron Girlfriend.

The Leaked Personal Photo

The internet went crazy after a personal photo of Bailie Lauderdale and her football coach gained notoriety. Because their private lives are online, fans want to scrutinize their intimate relations.

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Press reports claim that on October 21, 2020, unreleased pictures of football coach Ed Orgeron in bed with a considerably younger woman surfaced. On the other hand, the foreign women and the coach are the centers of attention. Finally, it was all about Ed Orgeron Girlfriend and her life!


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