5 Important Reasons to Consider Bariatric Surgery


If exercise and healthy eating have failed to help you lose weight, your Body Mass Index (BMI) is 35 or above, or if you have a weight-related health condition like sleep apnea, hypertension, or type 2 diabetes, you should only consider weight reduction surgery. Fortunately, your McKinney bariatric, general & laparoscopic surgeon may help you lose weight through bariatric surgery.

Here are reasons you should consider bariatric surgery;

  1.     Improves mental health

Being obese is challenging. Patients frequently feel scrutinized when they travel, look for work, or shop for clothes, which can impact their stress levels and mental health over time.

Obesity patients frequently struggle with anxiety or sadness. According to research, these issues frequently become better following bariatric surgery, especially in those who struggle with their bodies or have poor self-esteem.

Chronic weariness brought on by obesity might also prevent individuals from engaging in their favorite pastimes. Patients can walk more and breathe more easily once they have recovered from bariatric surgery. Additionally, their mental health improves as soon as they start feeling better physically.

  1.     Improves quality of life

After bariatric surgery, you will feel happier about your life.  It feels fantastic to have less medicine, as does doing sports you have always wanted to try, biking, running, or playing with your grandchildren.

Patients work very hard to improve their quality of life. Surgery for weight loss is not an “easy way out.” Before and after surgery, patients must make substantial behavioral adjustments that they must fight to uphold every day.

However, this does not imply that you must consume just green smoothies for the rest of your life. You may still have a treat now and again, just in lesser amounts and less frequently than you would have in the past.

  1. Fewer health conditions

In 85% of people with Type 2 diabetes before their treatment, the condition disappears after bariatric surgery. Rest assured that weight reduction surgery can significantly lessen your need for diabetes medication. Studies have demonstrated that medicine alone is unable to deliver these advantages due to the metabolic changes that take place during surgery.

Additionally frequently resolved is sleep apnea, a prevalent disease connected to obesity. During sleep, people with sleep apnea frequently stop breathing, and in obese patients, this is frequently because extra tissues in the neck obstruct their airway. Following bariatric surgery, high blood pressure also becomes better; most patients who had one or both of these disorders before surgery no longer had them 3-6 months after the operation.

  1.     Improves fertility

Although obese women are not always infertile, the extra weight often affects ovulatory processes. A weight loss surgery improves the Women’s biological functions by losing weight and increasing pregnancy rates.

  1.     Increased confidence

According to studies, Improvements in body image and health are strongly correlated with weight loss, and psychological improvements are invariably experienced concurrently with weight reduction.

After bariatric surgery, confidence can rise for reasons more than just physical appearance. A long-lasting confidence boost might come from just being able to engage in more activities or learning that your health has improved due to healthy weight loss. With weight loss surgery, depression and social isolation may also be lessened. While weight reduction surgery has certain general advantages, there are many more that ultimately rely on your particular situation. Call Michael Sutker, MD, to book an appointment for bariatric surgery.


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