Top 5 Ways You Can Gain from BioTE


Hormone imbalance affects many people and causes several devastating side effects like sexual dysfunction, weight gain, and fatigue. But medical experts like the San Antonio BioTE specialists can help you keep your hormone levels in check and improve the quality of your life. They offer hormone treatments like the BioTE bioidentical hormone therapy to help you regain your hormone levels, make you feel and look better, improving the quality of your life. This treatment helps increase your body’s progesterone, estrogen, and other hormone levels to reduce unpleasant complications. This comes with multiple excellent benefits, and here are the five most amazing.

Physical Symptoms are Lifted

Decreased hormone levels cause physical symptoms like weight gain, blood sugar complications, and health complications from thinning tissue. You can also endure bone loss over time if the decreased hormone levels are not addressed. Also, you might experience physical changes in your appearance where you can experience thinning hair and skin complications like acne. Fortunately, BioTE lifts your hormone levels reversing all these complications and giving you relief and peace of mind.

Improved Sexual Health

One of the most common issues associated with hormone imbalance is sexual dysfunction. Women with low hormone levels can experience vaginal tissue thinning or dryness resulting in discomfort during intercourse. Also, both men and women with decreased hormone levels can experience reduced sex drive, affecting their relationships. Fortunately, balancing your hormones through BioTE can reverse these effects and improve your sexual health. It can help you save your relationship and live a fun and happy life.

Mood Improvement

Your hormones are responsible for multiple functions in your body, including feelings control. With decreased hormone levels, you can expect t experience irritability, mood swings, and anxiety, especially around menopause. While these symptoms can significantly disrupt your life, they are manageable. With BioTE hormone balance treatment, mental health issues will be improved, helping you regulate your moods and feel more like yourself. The treatment gives you back control over your emotions.

Boosted Energy

Your energy levels gradually decrease as you age. However, hormonal imbalance can cause a sudden decrease in your energy or worsen your situation. This can make it very difficult to cope with your daily life, and you might not lead a healthy, active lifestyle. But BioTE has been found to help patients enduring decreased energy levels get back to their quality of life. It boosts energy levels making one feel confident and motivated to accomplish routine tasks.

An Easy and Simple Treatment Option

Many patients find BioTE hormone replacement therapy incredibly easy for them. The treatment can be delivered as tiny pallets and involves no pain or discomfort when placed under your skin. Your doctor will use anesthesia to combat any discomfort from your treatment. The BioTE hormone replacement therapy is safer, simpler, and more effective than other hormone treatment options. However, your doctor will have to approve if you are a good candidate for the treatment through a complete assessment of your health. You will provide accurate information about your medical history, and they will perform a complete physical exam and blood tests to decide if you are a good candidate for the treatment.

No matter the symptoms you might be experiencing due to decreased hormone levels, you do not have to live with it. Contact the BioTE specialists at LUNA MED SPA to learn if you can gain from the treatment. Make a call or schedule your appointment online to learn better about the treatment.


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