5 Reasons to Reface Your Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets


Like any other furniture inside the household, cabinets also play an important role in defining the space’s appearance and functions. Given their prominence, it is likely that if you don’t love your cabinets, you don’t love your kitchen or bathroom either.

In searching for a new look for cabinetry, homeowners typically weigh two options: cabinet refacing, which entails installing new doors and drawer fronts on the current cabinet frames, or cabinet replacement. However, here are the reasons why refacing your cabinets is more convenient than replacing them.


Cabinetry renovation is a struggle for most homeowners. If ever you belong to those who are cost-conscious, cabinet refacing or renovating with ex display kitchens is an ideal option. Comparing the cost of refacing your kitchen cabinets to the cost of purchasing new ones, you will find that the former is often about 30 to 50% less expensive.

Since refacing your cabinets includes only changing the surface of the cabinets with new materials and updating the hardware, you can save a lot of money by choosing cabinet refacing for your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or any other area in your house.

Refacing typically transforms drab cabinets into ones that look appealing and new. If you want to give your kitchen cabinets a face-lift without making any big modifications to the layout, this is the best option for you.

Refacing Takes Little Time

The appearance of the cabinets is one of the main (and perhaps only) goals of Kitchen Renovations. Cabinet replacement is a complex job that requires many days for completion. To finish the work, you must make several adjustments to your everyday routine and plan everything extensively and thoroughly.

Cabinet refacing, on the other hand, is a less complicated task. It is just an easy process. Refacing can be accomplished in a matter of days. It could take as little as four days in some circumstances, depending on the size of your kitchen, with the correct personnel performing the task. You can see how cabinet refaces look like a much better option than replacing your cabinets when you compare that to the weeks or even months that a kitchen remodeling job might take.

Prevents Wastage

Refacing cabinets generates a lot less waste. Understandably, many homeowners prefer to dispose of their old cabinets at the neighborhood landfill.

Once a kitchen remodel is underway, homeowners frequently find it too time-consuming to deal with alternative options like selling or donating the old cabinets. However, if your kitchen cabinets are still in good shape, you should refrain from removing them and replacing them with new ones. You will have to do landfills during replacement and installation, which may cause a buildup of hazardous waste.

The hazardous trash in your home may result in health problems, such as breathing difficulties, and the cost of cleaning services can increase. Refacing your cabinets reduces waste, eliminates health risks, and cuts down on additional expenses. It is also an eco-friendly alternative that will prevent you from ripping off your old ones and throwing them in the trash.


Formaldehyde, which is dangerous if dumped in landfills, is a substance found in most cabinets. By choosing cabinet refacing over new cabinets, you can stop this from happening.

Also, If you decide to have your kitchen refaced rather than replaced, you do not only create a portion of your house that is stylish and Instagram-worthy, but you also take a stand for a better Earth.

The removed components, such as cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and hardware, are frequently recycled by businesses that provide cabinet refacing services. Additionally, you can do your part to stop the logging of our forests from making way for new cabinet construction. Refacing cabinets is a green choice as a result.

Offers a Variety of Finishing Options

Refacing kitchen cabinets is quite a straightforward task, but there are only a few chances of making mistakes in the process. To avoid inconvenience, you don’t have to adjust your schedule to reface your kitchen cabinets. You just need to plan yourself well with the right expert.

There are many different color and veneering options available for your cabinet refacing project. You can show your interest by selecting the materials and stain colors that you want. Choose from birch, hickory, or any of the three types of real wood veneers.

You may easily adjust the grain and appearance of the wood by picking the appropriate doors and covers. The look of your kitchen cabinets can also be updated by adding new moldings, trims, and glasses. You may also choose to install glass doors to display collectibles.


Your home’s worth may increase with a renovated, modern kitchen. Refacing can be the ideal way to modernize your kitchen and improve the aesthetic appeal of your house. The final results of cabinet refacing are comparable to those of cabinet replacement.

If your cabinets are in good condition, there is no reason you shouldn’t use this choice. You can save on time, money, and space.


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