7 Preventative Measures You Can Take Against Abnormal Vaginal Discharge



It is very normal to experience vaginal discharge. It helps maintain your vulvovaginal tissues healthy. However, some discharges can also indicate something is wrong. That is why it is essential to pay attention to your vaginal discharge to note changes that could be alarming. The odor, appearance, and texture of the discharge can signify vaginal complications like an infection. Also, medical experts like Dr. Anita Veerabhadrappa-Meiner Boca Raton can help you identify an abnormal discharge and help you manage the situation. But you can still avoid abnormal discharge in the future through the following practices.

Keeping Your Vaginal Area Clean

The area around your vagina should be kept clean at all times. But you must ensure you clean it the right way. You are only to use unscented soap and water to eliminate harmful bacteria from getting to your vagina. Also, remember to clean the skin between your vagina and anus for extra safety. Using bubble baths or scented soaps can complicate the delicate pH balance in your vagina.

Change your Hygiene Products Often

When you are on your periods or using feminine hygiene products for various purposes, you should be careful about changing the products. Generally, change pads every two hours and do not wait for them to get full. When using tampons, ensure you change them at least every 4-8 hours. Wearing any hygiene product longer can increase your risk for toxic shock syndrome.

Avoid Douching

Remember that your body has a system that helps it stay clean. It has some healthy bacteria naturally occurring in the body to aid in maintaining your body clean. Douching might kill these good bacteria and interfere with your body’s natural processes. It can also alter your vaginal pH increasing the chances of harmful bacteria growing.

Keep off Feminine Deodorants

Feminine deodorants are mainly sold as powders and sprays. The products can lead to BV by disrupting the natural bacterial balance. The good and bad bacteria in your body should be well balanced to avoid complications. But when such products complicate the bacterial balance, you can endure yeast infection. Also, it would be best to avoid scented sanitary napkins and tampons. Go for unscented and chemical-free products for your menstruation.

Avoid the Back to Front Wipe

It is healthy to wipe your vagina and your anus after defecating. However, you ought to do it right. Wipe from the front to back, whether cleaning your vagina or the anus. The back-to-front wipe can introduce bacteria from the anus to your vagina, which can cause an infection. Remember that your vagina is coated with a delicate mucous membrane, and any bacterial introduction can cause an infection.

Ensure Proper Air Circulation in Your Vagina

You can achieve this by wearing breathable underwear. Ensure you purchase inner wear made from bamboo or cotton materials to allow air circulation. Such materials can also prevent moisture buildup, a significant trigger for yeast infection. Avoid polyester, nylon, and spandex materials. Additionally, it is a good idea to avoid underwear when getting to bed.

Change Wet Wear ASAP

If you are from swimming or have been heavily rained on, you better change your clothes soon. The extra moisture may be a perfect recipe for infection. If you are done swimming for the day, hit the shower and wear your dry clothes immediately.

If you are experiencing an abnormal vaginal discharge, the specialists at Women’s Health Specialists can help you out. Book an appointment online or make a call to discuss your concerns with the experts.


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