Why Wearing a Nice Bra Can Boost Your Mood


If you wear bras, you might wonder why wearing new or nicer ones might make you feel a little happier or more confident than normal. After all, there are so many different varieties of bras, from an assortment of brands and styles, that you might be inclined to choose. But only a handful of these, and an even smaller percentage of the ones you own, are likely to put a little extra pep in your step.

We might have a few answers if you’re wondering how your bras are affecting your overall mood. Ranging from the way that your bras make you look on the outside, to how they can make you feel on the underside of your outer garments, we have an idea of what’s going on. If you’re interested in our thoughts on the subject, allow us to spell it out for you.

Great Bras Can Give You a Perkier Shape

While not every nice bra is going to make you look perkier on the outside, you might feel especially attached to a couple of your undergarments because of the way they affect your shape in a way you personally enjoy. Maybe your nicer bras give you a little extra lift, make your breasts feel more even, or draw a little extra attention toward your bust.

Regardless of how your favorite bra might make you look to the outside world, there’s a pretty good chance the change in shape keeps you coming back. If you’re reaching for the same bras over and over again whenever you get dressed in the morning, be sure to check in and see if you grab them because you adore the way they make you appear while you’re out and about.

Feel More Comfortable in a Better Bra

One of the most common reasons people will reach for a particular bra over many others in their closets relates to how comfortable the undergarment feels. If you’re wearing a bra and feeling discomfort, odds are you won’t want to wear it very often if you can help it. In fact, many people will only wear clothing items if they’re comfortable, prioritizing feel over the way they outwardly look.

Even if you like the lace or the shape of one bra in your wardrobe, you may not want to wear it very frequently. It doesn’t matter how fantastic it makes you look on the outside if all you can think about is how itchy it feels on the inside. If you know you won’t wear a particular bra if you can help it, consider taking it out of your wardrobe altogether because it might just be taking up extra space.

Matching Sets Can Boost Confidence

Have you ever worn a matching pair of underwear with your bra? Even if no one is going to see your under-ensemble during the day, you might notice you feel a little extra confident as you’re going about your typical tasks and errands.

Typically, only nicer or more expensive undergarment sets will come in matching pairs, meaning they might feel extra special or higher quality whenever you slip them on. This can feel exciting like you’ve put a little more effort than usual into the way that you look, even if it is something just for yourself. Even if nobody else knows what you’re wearing underneath, allow that confidence to shine through.

Nice Bras are Fun Secrets

In a similar vein to the last section, if you choose to wear an especially nice bra under your everyday clothes, a feeling of excitement might bubble up and show on your face. This is because even if no one else knows you’re wearing something especially lacey, you are probably well aware of how gorgeous and sexy you look underneath.

Wearing something that feels especially nice, again, might give you a bit of a confidence boost or help you find a little extra energy when you need it most. So, if you need a figurative and literal pick-me-up, consider allowing yourself to wear one of your bras that makes you feel like you have a fun secret hidden underneath. Let yourself feel cheeky and smug throughout the day, and revel in the fact that no one else has the knowledge that you do.

Look Extra Sexy for Your Partner or Partners

If you have sexual or intimate romantic partners in your life, you may know how much of a difference your undergarments can make you feel. If you’re seeing your partner for the first time in a long time, you might even decide to wear their favorite underwear or a new set as a surprise. This can make you feel more empowered, letting you more confidently take the wheel in a raunchy situation.

Or, if you’re normally confident in front of your partners anyway, wearing your favorite bras may allow you to lay the lust on thick and encourage things to head to the bedroom more quickly than usual. If this is the case, it’s not a bad idea to wear some of your favorite undergarments on those more special occasions as a fun surprise.


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