4 Modern Bed Designs You Need To Know About


Choosing a new bed is always an exciting task, and with beds now lasting years and years, making the right choice is absolutely essential. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best 4 modern bed designs that we think you absolutely need to know about. From a futuristic floating bed to a classic storage bed, there’s a bed out there for everyone from the most highly modern and minimalist designer to those who want to bring in nature in the form of a solid wooden bed. Whatever your style, read through this list and find the right bed for you.

1.Floating beds

A floating bed is a new fashion in bed design, and we’re starting to see them popping up everywhere. This type of bed is raised off the ground on a small platform or legs, which are hidden underneath the bed, making your bed appear as though it is floating. This kind of bed goes beautifully with a minimalist design due to its simplicity and lack of frills. Alternatively, it could provide a great place for storage baskets or storing larger items out of sight.

2.Storage beds

If storage space is something that you need, there are lots of clever new bed designs offering huge amounts of storage hidden away in your bed frame. Blending into the design of the bed frame means that the storage is barely visible to those who don’t know about it, reducing the amount of furniture you need and keeping clutter to a minimum. This kind of bed can also be ideal for those with limited space in their home as it combines two pieces of furniture into one. Additionally, a storage bed can be paired with a comfortable, value-for-money cheap mattress, depending on your budget, making it an accessible option for all.

3.Solid wood beds

If you’re looking to include a spot of luxury in your bedroom, then a solid wood bed might be for you. Isaak Wooden Bed Frames made out of solid wood provide the room with a natural feeling, and the different types of wood available mean that you are able to pair the hue of your wood with the aesthetics of the rest of your room.
Modern and warming, a darker choice of solid wood for your bed can really warm up a room, especially in a modern and clean, simplistic bedroom.

4.High-gloss beds

Alternatively, put a high-quality clean and fresh spin on a bedroom with a high-gloss bedframe. This type of bed frame is polished to a highly reflective shine which will help to reflect the light and air around your room, making the whole space feel bigger and as though you’ve just stepped into a luxury hotel. This kind of trend leans into the uber-luxurious stylings that have begun to take hold of homes with all kinds of budgets. It’s a take that grounds luxury despite revering it.

From a simple storage bed to a luxury solid wood bed, there are so many options in terms of modern bed designs that you can choose to take your bedroom to the next level.


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