Styling tips: Adult crop top and style in style


When the crop top made its big comeback a few years ago, opinions differed widely. While some have evoked horrifying memories from their youth, others have been excited about the trend’s return or even embraced it from scratch.

But despite the rather bumpy start, the crop top xs has managed to re-establish itself in the fashion world. However, women over the age of 25 in particular often find it difficult to follow the belly-free trend. The crop top is not only for young teenagers, because it can also be styled grown-up and chic. That’s how it works!

What is a crop top?

Straight (back) from the 90s, the crop top is, as its name suggests, a cropped top; the verb “to crop” meaning is “to cut”. Moreover, we speak of “cropped top”, literally “cut top”, but let’s not nitpick too much.

Generally, navel length, there are now slightly longer versions that will delight the shy and chilly. Traditionally, the crop top is a simple short-sleeved cotton t-shirt, basic from basic, but in its 2.0 version, it comes in a tank top, long or short-sleeved t-shirt, sweater, sweatshirt, and even a cardigan. Note, however, that this last option would make purists scream: the cardigan is not really a top in the proper sense of the term.

The best styling tips:

  1. High Waist – Short tops should always be combined with high-waisted pants or skirts. So, you still look dressed and small problem areas are also concealed.
  2. Don’t show too much skin – You should also be careful not to show too much skin with the rest of the outfit. Instead, wear the crop top with long trousers, culottes, or midi skirts. A thin jacket also makes the look maturer and chicer.
  3. Less is more – Simple colors make an outfit look more elegant and stylish. That’s why you should avoid flashy colors, patterns, or decorations with the crop top and go for a rather simple model.
  4. Classic & chic – To give crop tops more class, it is best to combine them with simple and classic items of clothing. Marlene trousers, blazers and pumps are particularly suitable for this.

How do I combine my crop top?

We still remember pretty well how proud we were of my dark red crop top back then. However, when the crop top trend unexpectedly reappeared, I absolutely could not imagine walking around with my stomach bare again. Curiosity finally won out and the blacktop has been in my closet for a few years now.

We prefer to combine it with somewhat chic high-waist trousers and blazers. The mix of youthful nonchalance and classic elegance makes the look mature, but still modern and exciting. We also like to go for simple, classic pieces when it comes to accessories. Black pumps are simply an absolute must-have and always fit.

Crop top – One of the trendiest pieces:

Recently returned from the dead, the crop top is now one of the trendiest pieces there is, and that you absolutely must have in your dressing room to claim the title of a stylish woman.

However, many women are still hesitant to go for the crop top, for fear of not having the body for it and/or not knowing how to wear the short t-shirt on a daily basis without turning vulgar; That’s where your good friends come in!

crop tops

The crop top: the story of a must-have:

If you are wondering about the history of the crop top, know that you have to go back to the 1940s, in the United States, to find the first ones. It was indeed the pinups who were the first to democratize this shortcut by wearing their blouses tied at the front, at waist level. Matched with high-waisted shorts or skirts, these short blouses become the symbol of sensual, free, and assumed femininity.

Then, it will be necessary to wait for the 80s and their audacity in the fashion department to bring out the crop top and make it something even sexier, which looks more like a bra than a T-shirt. At that time, it was worn just below the chest with jeans, even with mini shorts when your name was George Michael, and/or you weren’t afraid of anything.

Slightly lengthened in the 90s, the crop top remains a piece then reserved for thin and muscular women who can reveal their belly without an ounce of anxiety about the appearance of a small unsightly bulge.

How to wear a crop top?

Now that you’re fully on point when it comes to fit, we’re looking at the right way to wear a crop top to look stylish but never vulgar.

Crop top how to choose it?

The best way to wear the backless tank tops well, without risking falling into vulgarity and without panicking about our little rolls, is to pair them with high-waisted bottoms. Skirt, shorts, or pants, choose what you want as long as it’s high-waisted.

How to wear a crop top in winter?

The cold is clearly not an excuse to give up the crop top, and it is even, conversely, an excellent reason to treat yourself to a cropped knit sweater, aka the winter version of the crop top. With paper bag pants, a skirt or faux leather shorts, it will be perfect.

The crop top at work: how to do it?

Subject to opting for a fairly wise model such as a plain long-sleeved crop top t-shirt, the cropped top can quite be a workwear piece.

We advise you to wear it with a two piece wide leg pants set, obviously with high-waisted trousers and a matching straight-cut blazer, to calm down the glamor of the crop top. The rule is not to show more than 2 or 3 cm of skin.

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