Is It Safe For Your Dogs to Drink From Lakes?

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If you have a pet dog, you should ensure that it drinks water from a clean source. In some cases, if pet dogs drink from lap-up toilet water, they may develop the cast-iron constitution issue. So you understand that as a pet owner, you should be cautious regarding this matter. But can your pet dog drink from natural water bodies like rivers or lakes.

Outdoor water sources are to harbour different chemicals and organisms that could be harmful to dogs. In some cases, it can cause zoonotic diseases in your dogs. Your dogs might face various risks and dangers if they drink water from natural outdoor sources.

Can a dog drink untreated water?

Most other animals can easily drink untreated water from an outdoor natural source like rainwater puddles or lakes; your dog cannot do that. Such water sources are not suitable and okay for the dogs to drink.

They should stay away from stagnant water if there are germs, toxic substances and dirt. Drinking such water could make your dog very ill. It can cause them diarrhoea and other various health problems.

Can a Dog Drink From Lake Water Or Other Sources Of Water Sources?

A dog must suffer from various issues and problems if it drinks from lake water or other sources. The untreated water can cause such specific diseases to the animal. This is why you should prevent your dog from drinking untreated water from outside sources. Some of the issues and problems regarding untreated water are described below.

  •         Glardia

Glardia is a protozoan that causes stomach issues in the dog. The dog suffers from chronic and foul-smelling diarrhoea and vomiting. Not to mention, this can also create weight loss for the dog. This is why you should ensure that your pet dog does not drink from rivers or lakes.

  •         Leptospira

This bacteria can be found in both water and soil. The dogs can become infected by this bacteria after drinking untreated water from rivers, streams, lakes or other contaminated water sources.

The symptoms of this problem in dogs are lethargy, diarrhoea, vomiting, muscle tenderness, fever, etc. In some cases, it can even lead to liver or kidney failure. You can use a shock fence for dogs to prevent your dog from drinking water from such contaminated water sources.

  •         Cryptosporidium

This is a protozoan that causes Cryptosporidiosis in dogs. If wild animals excrete around rivers and lakes, it can be contaminated. This eventually causes diarrhoea in your dogs. Hence, you are supposed to prevent your dogs from drinking from such sources. This protozoan could create a lot of problems in this regard.

  •         Escherichia coll

This is another bacteria that affect dogs from drinking untreated water from natural outdoor water sources. Stomach pain and diarrhoea are considered two of the most common symptoms.

It can be known from the above discussion that your dogs can suffer from various issues and problems from drinking water from a river or lake. Hence, you are supposed to ensure that it drinks properly treated water.


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